A simple phrase opens up the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, August 5, 2017 as Jimbo Mathis adjusts the microphone to say ‘okay, kids, let’s boogie woogie’. It was more than likely one of the lines that Jerry Lee Lewis used to light a fire in the early days of rock’n’roll, and Jimbo utters the words on his version of “High School Confidential” from the recent celebration of Sun Records, Red Hot. Hearts are wide open on the chart this week as Yonder Mountain String Band send out a love song to “Alison”, Korby Lenker whispers “Nothing Really Matters” to a special someone, Three for Silver sees beauty in the flames on “The Way We Burn”, and John Mellencamp is joined by Carlene Carter to hear loneliness calling in on “Late Night Talk Radio”. Paradise Kings cruise summer highways in “’69 Chevy” and Hard Working Americans stand in the middle of summer looking back at spring and ahead to the fall with “School Days”. Eliza Neals toasts the Blues with “Call Me Moonshine”, Eliot Bronson drifts back in time with “Good Enough”, and Whiskey Shivers revs Bluegrass into a frenzy on “Reckless” for the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, August 5, 2017.


01 High School Confidential – Jimbo Mathus (from the album Red Hot, A Memphis Celebration of Sun Records)

Originally released in 1958, “High School Confidential” was recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis as the lead song from the film of the same name. Jimbo Mathis revisits the early days of Rock’n’Roll and tributes the studio that was ground zero for the revolution of vinyl on turntables, Sun Records. The track is on the recently released compilation, Red Hot, A Memphis Celebration of Sun Records.

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02 Alison – Yonder Mountain String Band (from the album Love. Ain’t Love)

Yonder Mountain String Band open up their recent album release, Love. Ain’t Love, with a tender tune sent out to “Alison”. The story remembers the bright light that shone down on love as the story is sent back to that first moment in the summer sun while the same heart falls over and over again as time moves on.

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03 The Way We Burn – Three for Silver (from the album The Way We Burn available on September 1, 2017)

The Folk music of Three for Silver adds orchestral and cabaret touches to their sound for “The Way We Burn”. Lush strings and an ever-presented heartbeat percussion move across the track as ethereal vocals guide the story on the title track from the upcoming (September 1, 2017) release.

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04 All Night Talk Radio – John Mellencamp featuring Carlene Carter (from the album Sad Clowns and Hillbillies)

The rattle of a fiddle and static percussion open “All Night Take Radio”. The signal clears as John Mellencamp and Carlene Carter dial in to listen to midnight callers ringing up for love from Maine to California on a tune found on their recent release, Sad Clowns and Hillbillies.

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05 ’69 Chevy – Paradise Kings (from the album Controlled Burn)

Country twang cruises city streets on a thumping rockabilly rhythm as Paradise Kings hop into “’69 Chevy”. Paradise Kings play a mixture of Rock and Blues from a west coast base in Santa Barbara, California with a track from their recent release, Controlled Burn.

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06 Reckless – Whiskey Shivers (from the album Some Part of Something)

Whiskey Shivers are on the chart this week with a tune that perfectly describes their music, “Reckless”. Whiskey Shivers play a furious, frantic Bluegrass that propels forward like a runaway freight train. The track is from the recent release from Whiskey Shivers, Some Part of Something.

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07 School Days – Hard Working Americans (from the album We’re All in This Together)

Chuck Berry is the subject when Hard Working Americans cause a ruckus with a rock’n’roll roust for “School Days”. The tune is from the recent live release from HWA, We’re All in This Together, a nod to the link between jam bands and their audience.

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08 Call Me Moonshine – Eliza Neals (from the album 10,000 Feet Below)

Slow rolling electric Blues oozes from “Call Me Moonshine”, a track from the recently release album from Eliza Neals, 10,00 Feet Below. Eliza Neals is a Detroit, Michigan-based Blues rocker who sizzles and teases on the track as she cries out to the nighttime.

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09 Good Enough – Eliot Bronson (from the album James available on August 25, 2017)

Eliot Bronson returns with a new album, James, on August 25, 2017. On the Top Ten this week, Eliot Bronson whispers “Good Enough”, reliving a youthful memory as he carries the burn of first love and passion into today, wondering if the dream will last.

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10 Nothing Really Matters – Korby Lenker (from the album Thousand Springs)

The seventh studio album from Korby Lenker, Thousand Springs, was recorded outside of the studio environment when Korby set up on the edge of Snake River Canyon, Idaho, and in a remote cabin among other spots. He offers “Nothing Really Matters” on hyper string strums with a tune from the release.

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