Direction may be an issue for Jon Byrd in “I Get Lost” however the Nashville songman has no trouble finding his way to the number one spot on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, July 1, 2017. The tune is a co-write with Stephen Simmons, and can be found on the recent release from Jon Byrd, Dirty Ol’ River. The Yawpers have an upcoming (August 18, 2017) release with Boy in the Well, and are on this week’s chart with the debut single, “Mon Dieu”. Kate Grom offers a cut from her recent release, Heroine, with “Whistle Cry”, North Mississippi Allstars cover southern influences Memphis Jug Band with “Stealin’”, and Jim Lauderdale presents a “Different Kind of Groove This Time” from his album London Southern. Native Harrow has a new album, Sorores, offering the songs of Devin Tuel with “How Long” on the list as Shakey Graves goes back to two E.P.’s that have been missing from his catalog piled into one release as Shakey Graves and the Horse He Rode in On, putting “Pay the Road” on the Top Ten. Filling out the chart is music from Houston, Texas with The Powell Brothers, and two Los Angeles, California-based acts as Rich McCulley and Dead Rock West find themselves on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, July 1, 2017.


01 I Get Lost – Jon Byrd (from the album Dirty Ol’ River)

Jon Byrd is wading into a new album, Dirty Ol’ River, and gets turned around from a relationship that has made an exit as he admits “I Get Lost”. The track is a co-write with fellow East Nashville, Tennessee songwriter, Stephen Simmons. Jon Byrd can’t find his way back to love though he can still lose himself in the music on the tune.

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02 Mon Dieu – The Yawpers (from the album Boy in the Well available on August 18, 2017 from Bloodshot Records)

The Yawpers upcoming (8-18-17) album release, Boy in the Well, is a work of fiction that hints at history and the real life of lead singer/plot captain, Nate Cook. The album is accompanied by a comic book for all the songs, illustrated by J.D. Wilkes (The Legendary Shack Shakers). Boy in the Well features production work from Tommy Stinson (The Replacements) and is the on the chart with the psychobilly of “Mon Dieu”.

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03 Whistle Cry – Kate Grom (from the album Heroine)

Rolling Americana comes from Manhattan’s West Village courtesy of songstress Kate Grom. Her vocals guide the non-stop rhythms as her story looks back at a memory. Kate Grom heeds the call for train track freedom as the “Whistle Cry” becomes stronger than the pain trying to drag her under its wheels on a tune from her recent album release, Heroine.

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04 Stealin’ - North Mississippi Allstars (from the Prayer for Peace on Legacy Recordings)

Going back to an American Folk tune from the 1920’s, North Mississippi Allstars cover "Stealin'" from fellow southerners, Memphis Jug Band, their version of a track originally done by the group. The NMAllstars rattle the rhythm on the song from their recent album release, Prayer for Peace, as they make a request for some loving.

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05 Different Kind Of Groove Some Time - Jim Lauderdale (from the album London Southern)

Jim Lauderdale found a like-minded lover of 1960’s Soul in producer Neil Brockbank as the two created London Southern in just two sessions along with Robert Trehern in London, England’s Gold Top Studios. The recording puts Neil's compatriots in Nick Lowe’s backing band as the instrumentation for Jim Lauderdale’s twenty-ninth album release, London Southern, and the cut “Different Kind of Groove Some Time”, a co-write with John Oates (Hall and Oates).

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06 How Long - Native Harrow (from the album Sorores)

Channeling the Folk Rock and Country Rock sounds of Laurel Canyon circa 1960, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Native Harrow aka Devin Tuel asks “How Long” on this week’s chart. The tune is from the recently released album from Native Harrow, Sorores.

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07 Pay The Road - Shakey Graves (from the album Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On (Nobody’s Fool and The Donor Blues E.P. on Dualtone Records)

Fan requests have gotten Shakey Graves to officially release two E.P.’s from his collection of rarities and early home recordings as a package set titled Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On. The release pulls together long lost Shakey Graves music, Nobody’s Fool and The Donor Blues E.P. available by way of Dualtone Records. From the Nobody’s Fool album, this week’s chart offers “Pay the Road”.

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08 Burn A Hole In The Sky - Rich McCulley (from the album Out Along the Edge)

Psychedelic jangle walks a rock’n’roll riff as it follows Rich McCulley Out Along the Edge in his new album release, and into the Top Ten with the cut “Burn a Hole in the Sky”. Rich cranks up some ZZ Top on the tune as he makes a decision to go for it and make some noise of his own.

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09 Evangeline - The Powell Brothers (from the E.P. Introducing.....The Powell Brothers E.P,)

Some shade is being tossed at The Powell Brothers coming from the lady on the other side of the dead bolt. The track bears the name of the culprit as Introducing.....The Powell Brothers makes a request of “Evangeline” on a track self-titled album from the Houston, Texas-based band, the second release from The Powel Brothers.

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10 Boundless Fearless Love - Dead Rock West (from the album More Love available on August 11, 2017 on Omnivore Recordings)

The upcoming (8-11-17) album release from West Coast-based Dead Rock West puts fellow Angeleno John Doe behind the boards as producer. The album, More Love, uses the emotions of love, both the ups and the downs, as the theme for the songs from the fourth album release by Dead Rock West.

Listen and watch “Boundless Fearless Love” by Dead Rock West from Omnivore Records

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