The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, June 10, 2017 builds infrastructure immediately as Allen Thompson Band provide a DIY guide for incoming love with “Brace Yourself”, the title track from their new release. Kacy and Clayton have an upcoming (August 18, 2017) album on the horizon which they see as clearly as their tune “The Light of Day” on the chart from the Jeff Tweedy produced, The Siren’s Song. Will Hoge is joined by Sheryl Crow with a “Little Bit of Dust” from his upcoming (August 11, 2017) release, Anchors, Shannon McNally hears a “Banshee Moan” from her new release, Black Irish, and Austin, Texas songwriter Johnny Dango balances “Love and War (in all Fairness)” from his upcoming (September 1, 2017) release, Recluse in Plain Sight. The Jerry Douglas Band offer a new dance with “Cavebop” as the first single from their debut album, What If, due August 18, 2017 as Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal hit the stage with “Just Call Me”, recorded on their European tour and released on Live! Ancienne Beligique. The Deadmen put a dreamy melody up on a “Sunday Afternoon” as Dan Auerbach offers a summer breeze with “Waiting on a Song” and The Two Tracks do some preaching with “Sow ‘Em on the Mountain” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, June 10, 2017.


01 Brace Yourself – Allen Thompson Band (from the album Brace Yourself)

Allen Thompson becomes earthbound as he falls from the sky and lands on a bubbling beat with a tune from Brace Yourself. The title track bounces as it hands over advice for falling in love from the latest release from East Nashville, Tennessee’s, the Allen Thompson Band.

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02 The Light of Day – Kacy and Clayton (from the album The Siren Song available August 18, 2017 on New West Records)

Psychedelic Folk music seduces on The Siren’s Song, the upcoming (8-18-17) release from Kacy and Clayton. The duo traveled to Chicago, Illinois to record at The Loft with producer Jeff Tweedy (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo). Kacy and Clayton have hints of west coast Country blended with touches of English Folk and Appalachian mountain music with “The Light of Day”.

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03 Little Bit of Rust feat. Sheryl Crow– Will Hoge (from the album Anchors available August 11, 2017)

Will Hoge has a side project of putting some polish on a beat-up Chevrolet in “Little Bit of Rust”, the debut single from his upcoming (8-11-17) release, Anchors. Will is joined on the track by Sheryl Crow as the two become a couple making a pact to stick some shine back on a relationship.

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04 Banshee Moan – Shannon McNally (from the album Black Irish on Compass Records)

Haunted notes from guitar strings fill the air as Shannon McNally offers up her voice to name women who have left their mortal spirits on the earth in “Banshee Moan”. She hears weeping for the Magdalene and Jezebel residing in the female soul as the wind that howls, coursing through the track from her latest release, Black Irish.

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05 Love and War (in all fairness) – Johnny Dango (from Recluse in Plain Sight available September 1, 2017)

Cosmic Country comes from Austin, Texas songman Johnny Dango as a honky tonk dosed “Love and War (in all fairness)” with some Tex-Mex guitar notes and accordion swirls. The song takes a nip of Gramp’s home brew as it joins the Queen of Diamonds and Jack of Spades to spin around the dance floor on a track from the upcoming (9-1-17) release, Recluse in Plain Sight.

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06 Cavebop – The Jerry Douglas Band (from the album What If available August 18, 2017 on Rounder Records)

To his ears, Jerry Douglas heard “Cavebop” as ‘an experiment employing Bebop Jazz improv with a dash of Bluegrass for good measure’. The Jerry Douglas Band take those musical leanings towards Jazz throughout their entire new release, What If (8-18-17), adding it to the music that has been the home for Jerry Douglas throughout his long recording and performing career…Country, Soul, Bluegrass, Rock, Swing, and Blues.

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07 Just Call Me - Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal (from the album Live! Ancienne Belgique)

Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal wrapped up their European tour on April 1, 2017. They commemorated a 27-date run through Europe with a recording of the final show at the renowned concert venue, Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium. Josh Hoyer went back to his 2014 studio work with Soul Colossal, taking “Just Call Me” from the band’s self-titled debut for Live! Ancienne Belgique.

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08 Sunday Afternoon – The Deadmen (from the album The Deadmen on 8 Gang Switch)

The distance sound of thundering drumbeats drifts over the dry desert rhythms that blow lazily on “Sunday Afternoon”, a cut from the recent, self-titled release from The Deadmen. Trance-like guitar chugs set loose the demons in the groove as The Deadmen float the melody like a ghost over the track.

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09 Waiting on a Song – Dan Auerbach (from the album Waiting on a Song on Nonesuch Records)

Dan Auerbach laundry lists the ways he has been “Waiting on a Song”. Apparently, writers block does not stop him, as his life is busy while he bides his time on the title track from his recent release.

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10 Sow’ Em Down the Mountain – The Two Tracks (from the album Postcard Town)

Salvation comes in on the stomp of percussion and the rumble of rhythms as the picking and playing of multiple strings become the wind carrying the sermon of The Two Tracks. The Sheridan, Wyoming band shares “Sow ‘Em Down the Mountain” from their recent release, Postcard Town, on this week’s chart.

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