Chris Stapleton (from the album From a Room, Volume 1)

The recent release from Chris Stapleton, From a Room, Volume 1, has been received like a cherished companion returning home. The songs are stories shared from travels, anecdotes told at the kitchen table and passed around among good friends at a local watering hole or front porch. From a Room, Volume 1 spreads its wings with acoustic guitar strums that fly over a land bordered by Country, Rock, and Roots formats as Chris Stapleton sings of “Broken Halos”. Electric Blues with slight Jazz tones to its chords launches the apologies in “I Was Wrong”, minor key guitar notes flicker like the dying embers of romance that become the story line for “Without Your Love”, Outlaw Country utters honky tonk confessions in “Up to No Good Livin’”, Stapleton is the guardian of musical freedoms, his songs wearing a chameleon skin that allows DJ’s to csinclude his music in sets of Country, Rock, Folk, and Blues playlists.

With just one solo album under his own name (The Traveller), Chris Stapleton has become the guy everyone wants on their team. For the Roots music community, he is the one that tore down the walls. The warrior who used his guitar to pry the locked minds of programmers intent on white-knuckling the sound of their Country radio stations. His songs are welcomed as friends by the descendants of Folkies who booed Bob Dylan off stage at Newport Folk Festival for going electric and given a seat at family gatherings as brothers of the Blues. Prior to his solo release, Chris Stapleton had a Nashville, Tennessee-based spot on Music Row as a song writer, penning number one tunes for Kenny Chesney (“Never Wanted Nothing More”), George Strait (“Love’s Gonna Make It Alright”, and Darius Rucker (“Come Back Song”) as well as finding his tracks on albums by Adele, Tim McGraw, and Luke Bryan. Chris became the frontman for genre-bending Bluegrass band The SteelDrivers in 2007 and stayed with the group until 2010, founding the Southern Rock band The Jompsons after his departure. He signed to Mercury Nashville in 2013, releasing an unappreciated single (“What Are You Listening To?”) and recording an album that was scrapped. Chris Stapleton hit his stride cs2when he partnered with Dave Cobb to co-produce The Traveller. His first solo effort reached #1 in Billboard, going on to sell double-platinum, and garnering multiple music awards including Grammy and CMA trophies.

Chris Stapleton co-writes tracks for From a Room, Volume 1, keeping Dave Cobb in the control room as the pair once again co-produce songs that include a cover of the Willie Nelson cut “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning”, written by Gary P. Nunn and Donna Sioux Farar. Rock’n’Roll keeps the beat as Chris Stapleton opens the cabinet to find his cannabis cupboard bear in “Them Stems” and scratches out a path into “Second One to Know” with razor-sharp guitar chords as From a Room, Volume 1 echoes the Blues of desperation against a chorus of stark six-strings rumbling through “Death Row”.

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