The Mavericks (from the album Brand New Day)

The Mavericks promise a Brand New Day on their new album title, offering advice on opening cut as they cite taking a come-what-may attitude to keep “Rolling Along” as a sure fire cure for what ails you, supporting the movement with a non-stop Tex Mex groove. Brand New Day takes aim at current affairs with “Easy as It Seems”, questioning politics over a caffeinated house party rhythm as the album borrows a beat from Roythemav4 Orbison to “Wish You Well”, slowly turn the wheel of “Goodnight Waltz” in three-quarter time, and crunch up guitar chords to face the facts of life on “Damned (If You Do)”. The Mavericks have polished their music over a twenty-five year history as a band, owning the ability to make diversity of styles part of a brand that borders its sound between the west coast twang of Bakersfield and the Cuban rhythms that are a part of their South Florida DNA.

The Mavericks took their music from Miami, Florida local scene to worldwide stages. Their live performances feed fan flames as the music industry took notice and The Mavericks took home a Grammy in 1995 plus CMA and ACM awards. While success brought fame, the band felt the need to take a break from a career that had become all-encompassing. The Mavericks found separate musical paths for nearly a decade, coming back strong in 2013 with their release In Time, and continuing the success in 2015 with the release of Mono. They released a testament to their touring in 2016 with All Night Live, Volume One and keep the momentum going with their recent release, Brand New Day. Guitarist Eddie Perez assures that The Mavericks take none of the attention for granted, seeing the return as ‘We’ve traveled a lot in the last four years. And we’ve come back from a hiatus of nine years to find a brand new purpose — not just to go out and play for tickets and do the oldies. Not many bands get to come back from that long to have another moment like this. So I believe it to be quite special’.

themav2Snagging a page from their traveling diary, The Mavericks welcome company on the tour bus as they roll down a highway that never ends, namechecking spots on the map with “Ride with Me”. There is a purity in the vocals that takes Raul Malo to the top of the pack for frontmen. He can be a sensuous crooner (“Think of You”) and the rock in a relationship (“For the Ages”) as his voice flies a banner that leads the way into a better tomorrow on the title track. The Mavericks are an American band that live the rock’n’roll credo, putting heart and soul into every song on Brand New Day, doing what they can as musicians by uniting with their music and tearing down borders as the times try to build a wall between us.

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