The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, April 1, 2017 starts off moving like a California earthquake as SoCal’s Moonsville Collective premier a cut from the second installment of E.P. releases, Moonsville II. They are part of the Golden State link this week as San Francisco’s Midtown Social bring Bay Area Soul to the chart from their self-titled debut. Kasey Chambers has a new release, and is on the list with an audio-biography with “Talkin’ Baby Blues”. New releases this week make the chart with tracks from The Mavericks (“Rollin’ Along”), Dead Soldiers (“When I Die”), Eric Bibb (“This Land is Your Land”), and Dailey and Vincent (“Baton Rouge”). Miranda Lee Richards has a new album coming this summer (June 17, 2017) with Existential Beast, and offers an advance listen on this week’s Top Ten with the cut “Lucid I Would Dream”. Texas makes the list with two tracks from recent releases as Whitney Rose pens a love note with “Lookin’ Back on Luckenbach”, while Dale and Ray offer a warning to traveling musicians worldwide on “Bus Breakdown” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, April 1, 2017.


01 Rumblin’ and Tumblin’ – Moonsville Collective (from the E.P. Moonsville II due in 2017)

Moonsville Collective share a letter and a track from the second musical installment in their E.P. series. The Southern California band are making a wish and “Rumblin' and Tumblin” on a cut from the upcoming E.P. Moonsville II.

Listen and buy “Rumblin’ and Tumblin’” by Moonsville Collective from AMAZON or iTunes in summer 2017


02 Lucid I Would Dream – Miranda Lee Richards (from the album Existential Beast available June 17, 2017)

Country music is heard through psychedelic headphones on “Lucid I Would Dream”. The tune is the first single from Miranda Lee Richards in advance of Existential Beast (6-17-17). The story is as trippy as the sound, Miranda Lee Richards describing the song as ‘a conversation with the subconscious and a study in dream interpretation. I have recurring dreams about being able to breathe underwater, and this apparently, is about being able to master complex emotional realms’.

Listen and buy “Lucid I Would Dream” by Miranda Lee Richards from AMAZON or iTunes


03 Baton Rouge – Dailey and Vincent (from the album Patriots and Poets)

Celebrating ten years as a duo, Dailey and Vincent front a modern-day Bluegrass sound on their recent release, Patriots and Poets. The pair add a drumbeat to the traditional sound they have cultivated for the past decade as the band heads to “Baton Rouge” on a track from the release.

Listen and buy “Baton Rouge” by Dailey and Vincent from AMAZON and iTunes


04 It’s Alright – Midtown Social (from the album Midtown Social available April 14, 2017)

Midtown Social shake the San Francisco Bay Area like the San Andreas fault line with a mix of Soul, Funk, and Rock’n’Roll. The multiple member collective have a self-titled debut due April 14, 2017. The band offers an advance listen with a tune on the Top Ten this week and they let the world know it is safe to dance with the track “It’s Alright”.

Listen and buy “It’s Alright” by Midtown Social from AMAZON and iTunes on 4/14/17


05 Rolling Along – The Mavericks (from the album Brand New Day)

Tex Mex shares the dance floor with South Florida Cuban beats in “Rolling Along”, a track from the recently released album from The Mavericks. The boys in the band are selling smiles and piece of mind with the simple advice of ‘don’t fix what ain’t broken’ as handclaps and whistles burst bubbles on a cut from Brand New Day.

Listen and download “Rolling Along” by The Mavericks from AMAZON or iTunes


06 Talkin’ Baby Blues – Kasey Chambers (from the album Dragonfly)

Kasey Chambers tells the story of Kasey Chambers with “Talkin’ Baby Blues”. She relates her personal history with the music she listened to, the mistakes she made, the successes in her career, and the love she has encountered on a cut from her recently released double album release, Dragonfly.

Listen and buy “Talkin’ Baby Blues” by Kasey Chambers from AMAZON


07 When I Die – Dead Soldiers (from the album The Great Emptiness)

The musical influences of Memphis, Tennessee Roots Rock collective, Dead Soldiers, are diverse as they sample Indie Rock, Blues, Soul, Country and anything else within reach on their recent album release, The Great Emptiness. The constant for the band is their commitment to the human condition. They offer observations on “When I Die” from the album.

Listen and buy “When I Die” by Dead Soldiers from AMAZON or iTunes


08 Bus Breakdown – Dale and Ray (from the album Dale and Ray)

Mentoring in music is a tradition. Wise elders Ray Benson and Dale Watson offer experiential advice on a track from their recent self-titled release, Dale and Ray. The pair are here to tell up-and-comers to beware ‘cause the trouble down the road is a “Bus Breakdown”.

Listen and buy “Bus Breakdown” by Dale and Ray from AMAZON or iTunes


09 Lookin’ Back on Luckenbach – Whitney Rose (from the E.P. South Texas Suite)

Whitney Rose pens a love note to her newly adopted home in Texas. The Canadian native relocated to Austin and tenderly checks out her rearview mirror as she is “Lookin’ Back on Luckenbach” with a track from her recent E.P. release, South Texas Suite.

Listen and buy “Lookin’ Back on Luckenbach” by Whitney Rose from Amazon or iTunes


10 This Land is Your Land – Eric Bibb (from the album Migration Blues)

Eric Bibb addresses the political signs that read Do Not Enter with his album release, Migration Blues. Eric goes back to 1940 when Woody Guthrie penned an angry answer to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”. Eric Bibb returns a lost verse to the song, one which has particular meaning in the current administration’s lack of patriotism as they turn their back on American ideals. The original line, discovered in 1997, sees into the future of 2017, ‘here was a big high wall there that tried to stop me. The sign was painted, said 'Private Property.' But on the backside, it didn't say nothing. This land was made for you and me’.

Listen and watch “This Land is Your Land” – Eric Bibb from AMAZON or iTunes

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