The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, March 18, 2017 stands up strong for the work of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as addressing the lessons learned about climate change with a song by Reckless Kelly (“Volcano”). The chart finds itself in the middle of March for Women’s History Month with females in the majority, featuring new music from Nikki Lane, Rebecca Loebe, Gillian Welch, Carrie Elkin, Cindy Lee Berryhill, and Phoebe Legere. Greg Wickham (Hadacol) is on the list with a track from his recent solo release, If I Left This World, and is joined by the title track from the recent Derek Davis release, Revolutionary Soul. The Drugstore Gypsies are proud of Southern musical traditions as they look for a radio dial to rock with “Live the Life” from their recent self-titled release on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, March 18, 2017.


01 Volcano – Reckless Kelly (from the album Sunset Motel)

The environment is the lead character on “Volcano” as Reckless Kelly have the back of planet earth with a track from their recent release, Sunset Motel. Oddly, the repercussions of climate change have become a political debate between science fact and ruling party fiction. Reckless Kelly take the time to point out what should be obvious results of global warming and all they are asking is that listeners take the time to listen.

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02 455 Rocket – Gillian Welch (from the album Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg)

Gillian Welch went back to her days recording her debut album release, Revival, putting together outtakes and demos for her most recent album release, Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg. Gillian gets behind the wheel and puts her foot down on the beat as she rumbles with “455 Rocket” as guitar licks and piano riffs fly free over handclap rhythms.

Listen and buy “455 Rocket” by Gillian Welch from AMAZON or iTunes


03 Tilt-a-Whirl – Carrie Elkin (from the album The Penny Collector)

Life came at her from many sides as Carrie Elkin began putting together songs for The Penny Collector. The birth of a daughter with partner/singer-songwriter Danny Schmidt helped form the story line for “Tilt-a-Whirl” as the tune becomes a lesson for her child taken from her own experiences.

Listen and buy “Tilt-a-Whirl” by Carrie Elkin from AMAZON and iTunes


04 Smoke Signals – Rebecca Loebe (from the album Blink)

Rebecca Loebe is good at reading the more recognizable aspects of a relationship. She is having trouble with silence and admits that she is clueless with the concept of “Smoke Signals” as a way to decipher words that are not spoken. The track is from her recent album release, Blink.

Listen and buy “Smoke Signals” by Rebecca Loebe from AMAZON and iTunes


05 The Adventurist – Cindy Lee Berryhill (from the album The Adventurist)

Cindy Lee Berryhill took her muse back to the time of falling in love with her late husband. To honor their moments together she wanted to present him a song cycle that celebrated rather than mourned. Cindy Lee Berryhill uses her words to stage a vignette for “The Adventurist”, the title track from her recent release as she is backed by cellist Renatta Bratt and percussionist Randy Hoffman.

Listen and download “The Adventurist” by Cindy Lee Berryhill from AMAZON or iTunes


06 Small Roles – Greg Wickham (from the album If I Left This World)

It has been fifteen years since Greg Wickham has released an album. Greg, along with his brother Fred, were the core of Kansas City powerhouse roots group, Hadacol, and Greg continues showcasing his ability to craft songs that draw in listeners to audio flames. Greg Wickham uses a late night metronome that slows down time for the quiet flow of rhythm that courses under “Small Roles” from his latest solo release, If I Left This World.

Listen and buy “Small Roles” by Greg Wickham from AMAZON and iTunes


07 Send the Sun – Nikki Lane (from the album Highway Queen)

Nikki Lane sends a love note to a west coast partner from her Nashville home. She may also be asking a little something from Mother Nature as Music City digs out from a recent snowfall as she sings “Send the Sun” from her recent album release, Highway Queen.

Listen and buy “Send the Sun” by Nikki Lane from AMAZON or iTunes


08 Live the Life – The Drugstore Gypsies (from the album The Drugstore Gypsies)

The Drugstore Gypsies self-titled release tributes the homeland sound of Southern Rock as it equally shows its love for worldwide hard rock heroes. The Texas-based back turn up the volume for Rock’n’Roll as they pronounce that they are ready to “Live the Life” on a tune from The Drugstore Gypsies.

Listen and buy “Live the Life” by The Drugstore Gypsies from AMAZON or iTunes


09 Revolutionary Soul – Derek Davis (from the album Revolutionary Soul)

Derek Davis rocks hard as he welcomes listeners into his “Revolutionary Soul”, the title track from his recent release. As the world spins around and around Derek Davis creates cycle of his own as he spits out his argument from an ever-whirling pulpit.

Listen and buy “Revolutionary Soul” by Derek Davis from Amazon or iTunes


10 Wrong Honky Tonk – Phoebe Legere (from the album Heart of Love)

Her ‘heart is broken but her truck still works’ as Phoebe Legere heads out to a watering hole on the edge of town. She toasts to the patrons already in place at the bar as she finds the spot she needs to be….the “Wrong Honky Tonk” at the right time as she croons a tune to fall in love from her recent album release, Heart of Love.

Listen and watch “Wrong Honky Tonk” by Phoebe Legere from AMAZON or iTunes

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