The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, February 18, 2017 is stocked by some of the major releases from Friday, Feb 17 as it welcomes Alison Krauss in the number one spot with the track “Gentle on My Mind” from her Windy City release. Other new releases for this week include Ryan Adams riding “Outbound Train” from Prisoner, Son Volt offering “Lost Souls’ from Notes of Blue, Otis Taylor bouncing in with Jump Out of Line from Fantasizing About Being Black, and The Gibson Brothers serving “Homemade Wine” from In the Ground. From Folk Alliance in KC, MO are local artists Scotch Hollow with a taste of “Kansas City Pepper” from their Little Tortuga release. Northeast music from Livingston Taylor and an audio peak into his upcoming release Safe Home with “I Must Be Doing Something Right” as singer-songwriter Brian Alexander head high into the mountains to talk about “Telluride”. New Jersey keyboard man John Ginty is joined by Aster Pheonyx as they become Rockers on their release, singing about “Mr. Blues” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, February 18, 2017.


01 – Gentle on My Mind – Alison Krauss (from the album Windy City)

Alison Krauss blows in on a Vintage breeze with her new release, Windy City. Alison borrows a tune from John Hartford as she rides the rails letting the tracks click away memories with “Gentle on My Mind” from the album.

Listen and buy “Gentle on My Mind” by Alison Krauss from AMAZON or iTunes


02 Outbound Train – Ryan Adams (from the album Prisoner)

Ryan Adams finds another way out of town as he heads out ‘in the middle of the night’ to catch “Outbound Train”. The track he rides can be found on his recent release, Prisoner, as he moves on the gentle sway and roll of the song.

Listen and buy “Outbound Train” by Ryan Adams from AMAZON or iTunes


03 Jump Out of Line – Otis Taylor (from the album Fantasizing About Being Black)

Otis Taylor rumbles the rhythms as he spins his trance Blues with a tune from his recent release, Fantasizing About Being Black. Otis is rocking as he encourages other to follow his path, claiming that the way to freedom is to “Jump Out of Line”.

Listen and buy “Jump Out of Line” by Otis Taylor from AMAZON and iTunes


04 Kansas City Pepper – Scotch Hollow (from the album Little Tortuga)

Folk Alliance in Kansas City, Missouri is in full swing this week. Local band Scotch Hollow stick to the mood and rhythms that rock their city as they add “Kansas City Pepper” to the Folk stew brewing on the Top Ten. The tune is from their recent release, Little Tortuga.

Listen and buy “Kansas City Pepper” by Scotch Hollow from AMAZON and iTunes


05 Lost Souls – Son Volt (from the album Notes of Blue)

Son Volt stomp into “Lost Souls” with a tough beat and the crunch of guitars as they offer a track form their recent release, Notes of Blue. Jay Farrar, the former co-creator with Jeff Tweedy of Uncle Tupelo, is the cool calm in the vocals as the music rages on the track.

Listen and download “Lost Souls” by Son Volt from AMAZON or iTunes


06 I Must Be Doing Something Right – Livingston Taylor (from the album Safe Home available om March 3, 2017)

Livingston Taylor has a new release, Safe Home, coming up (March 3, 2017) and is offering an advance listen on the Top Ten Songs of the Week. Livingston gets a little lost crossing the street and admits to other faults, knowing that looking into the eyes of his lover tells him know that “I Must Be Doing Something Right”.

Listen and buy “I Must Be Doing Something Right” by Livingston Taylor from AMAZON and iTunes on 3-3-17


07 Homemade Wine – The Gibson Brothers (from the album In the Ground on New Rounder Records)

The Gibson Brothers are wearing someone else’s shirt and can only find one shoe as they wake up with the taste of last night still in their mouth. Mountain music backtracks the song about their new day adventures in “Homemade Wine” from their recent release, In the Ground.

Listen and buy “Homemade Wine” by The Gibson Brothers from AMAZON or iTunes


08 Headin’ Home feat. Jono Manson – John Strada (from album Mongrel)

Italian Roots musician John Strada is backed by his band The Wild Innocents on a track from his recent release, Mongrel. Joining John is producer and New Mexican songman, Jono Manson, as the pair are “Headin’ Home” to find their future.

Listen and buy “Headin’ Home” feat. Jono Manson by John Strada from AMAZON or iTunes


09 Telluride – Brian Alexander (from the E.P. Mountain)

Growing up in the North Michigan woods gave Brian Alexander a love of nature. He goes high into the Rocky Mountains to give his view of “Telluride” on a track from his recently released E.P., Mountain.

Listen and buy “Telluride” by Brian Alexander from Amazon or iTunes


10 Mr. Blues – John Ginty and Aster Pheonyx (from the album Rockers)

John Ginty is a monster on keyboards, and is joined by songstress Aster Pheonyx on their joint effort, Rockers. The duo follow a bouncing beat to introduce “Mr. Blues” on a tune from the album

Listen and watch “Mr. Blues” by John Ginty and Aster Pheonyx from AMAZON or iTunes

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