The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Friday, December 16, 2016 is the last chart for the year. The songs feel the cycle amp up as 2016 draws to a close with the calendar days circling faster and faster as December 31 approaches. An urgency can be heard in the words as Moonsville Collective sit at number one with an overview of “America” that talks about our roles as citizens as well as our responsibilities as humans. Young Frontier urge to “Come On, Honey”, Little Diamonds look to “Drive Away”, James Lee Stanley is “Going Back to Memphis”, Rick Shelley stays the speed limit as he exits small town life with “25 Miles an Hour”, and Tim Houlihan searches the stars for “Another Orion”. Blue Rodeo bring comfort, reminding that when pain comes in we are never alone as they wrap “1000 Arms” around hurt while Rhonda Vincent and The Rage serve up a live version of “Muleskinner Blues”. Sharon Lewis and Texas Fire lay claim to the power of the Blues with “Can’t Do It Like We Do” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Friday, December 16, 2016.


01 America – Moonsville Collective (from the album Moonsville I)

Moonsville Collective has a great offer. Got something to say? They will be happy to play for you as your backing band. You can cash in on the request through “America”, a debut track from the Long Beach, California-based group’s upcoming (1-13-17) release, Moonsville I.

Listen and buy “America” by Moonsville Collective from AMAZON or iTunes


02 Come on Honey – Young Frontier (from the album Young Frontier)

Young Frontier burst into “Come on Honey” with a bounce as they offer love and whiskey if their heart of choice will just come back home. The tune is from the New England-based band’s self-titled release, Young Frontier.

Listen and buy “Come on Honey” by Young Frontier from AMAZON and iTunes


03 I’m on Fire – Erika Kulnys (from the album Rise Up)

Erika Kulnys shares a conversation between the Halifax, Nova Scotia songstress and her heart’s desire. On a tune from her recent release, Rise Up, Erika lays out her resume with the words of her baby telling her just how hot she is with “I’m on Fire”.

Listen and download “I’m on Fire” by Erika Kulnys from AMAZON or iTunes


04 1000 Arms – Blue Rodeo (from the album 1000 Arms)

The title track from the recently released album from Blue Rodeo lets the world know that no one is ever alone. The Canadian Roots powerhouse numbers friends with “1000 Arms” that are reaching out to wrap around the hurt and help over the hurdles.

Listen and buy “1000 Arms” by Blue Rodeo from AMAZON and iTunes


05 Muleskinner Blues – Rhonda Vincent and The Rage (from the album All the Rage, Vol. 1)

Rhonda Vincent wears her queen of Bluegrass crown onto the stage as she wails over the fast track train beat of The Rage as they sing some “Muleskinners Blue”. The tune is from the recent Rhonda Vincent and The Rage live album release, All the Rage, Volume One.

Listen and buy “Muleskinner Blues” by Rhonda Vincent and The Rage from AMAZON


06 Another Orion – Tim Houlihan   (from the album Another Orion)

Music swirls in the night air as Tim Houlihan and his band search the sky to find their own guiding star. The story floats freely on a bed of airy Americana as Tim Houlihan promises a lifetime of love as he navigates by the lights from above with “Another Orion”, the title track from his recent release.

Listen and buy “Another Orion” by Tim Houlihan from AMAZON or iTunes


07 Drive Away - Little Diamonds (from the album New Orleans Bound)

Little Diamonds is looking through the windshield to a west coast destination as guitar notes sparkle in “Drive Away”. The tune can be found on the recent Little Diamonds release, New Orleans Bound.

Listen and buy “Drive Away” by Little Diamonds from AMAZON


08 Can’t Do It Like We Do - Sharon Lewis and Texas Fire (from the album Grown Ass Woman)

Sharon Lewis has been around the world pitching her Blues. She is proud of the music and her band as she plays a game of peers versus posers with “Can’t Do It Like We Do”, on a track from the recent Sharon Lewis and Texas Fire release, Grown Ass Woman.

Listen and buy “Can’t Do It Like We Do” by Sharon Lewis and Texas Fire from AMAZON or iTunes


09 25 Miles an Hour – Rick Shelley (from the album 1909 Miles)

Rick Shelley is a high desert musician looking to break out of a small-town life. He is heading for the exit slowly as he puts the pedal lightly to the floor with a “25 Mile an Hour” on a tune from his recent release, 1909 Miles.

Listen and buy “25 Miles an Hour” by Rick Shelley from iTunes


10 Going Back to Memphis – James Lee Stanley (from the album Alive at Last)

James Lee Stanley closes out the Top Ten Songs of the Week for 2016. He is making dinner plans for Corky’s BBQ and heading over to Beale Street with “Going Back to Memphis”. James Lee Stanley fulfills a wish list for fans on a live performance with his latest release, Alive at Last.

Listen and watch “Going Back to Memphis” – James Lee Stanley on his website

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