The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, November 26, 2016 borders the list with two Carroll’s this time around as Rorey Carroll offers a cut from Love is an Outlaw with “By the Banks” and Walk Wilkins says a “Highway Prayer” in tribute for singer/songwriter Adam Carroll. Paul Sachs opens his Love is Love album with politics and procrastination in “Late for the Protest”, Sideline point out seasonal splendor in the trees with the title track from their Colors and Crossroads release while Euferzine wonder “Where Does the Time Go”, the title track from her recent release. Kelly Pardekooper talks back to the voices in his head in “Least I’m Not Alone”, Sam Bush offers wisdom with “Handmics Killed Country Music”, Luke Bell counts the “Glory and the Grace”, and The Grisly Hand make plans to head for “Puerto Penasco”. Colin James jams the Blues into the Freddie King tune, “Going Down” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, November 26, 2016.


01 By the Banks – Rorey Carroll (from the album Love is an Outlaw)

Rorey Carroll’s story on “By the Banks” drifts across a solid beat that hurries its footsteps to travel through the lonesome night in her tale. The track is from the East Nashville, Tennessee-based artist’s recent release, Love is an Outlaw

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02 Glory and the Grace – Luke Bell (from the album Luke Bell)

Luke Bell shuffles into “Glory and the Grace” on a second line beat to back his list of like’s. Luke is way more than a glass half full guy on the track as he smiles and recalls the best of the life in the rear view as wheels carry him to the next happy memory he can call his own.

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03 Colors and Crossroads - Sideline (from the album Colors and Crossroads)

Sideline take an audio snapshot of sunrise in North Carolina. The Blue Ridge Mountains explode in a blast of red and gold as the band take a trip down a back road through the fall with “Colors and Crossroads”, the title track from their recent release.

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04 Least I’m Not Alone – Kelly Pardekooper (from the album City at Night)

Optimism bounces through empty rooms as Kelly Pardekooper watches the past reel by in his mind. Late nights are the toughest times and Kelly foregoes physical as he carries on conversations with “Least I’m Not Alone” from his recent release, City at Night

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05 Where Did the Time Go - Euferzine (from the album Where Did the Time Go)

Minutes tick by in the patter of percussion coursing under Euferzine as questions come up in “Where Did the Time Go”. The tune is the title track for a double disc of songs that began as a genealogy and goes on to cover four hundred years during the Europe to America, and East to West U.S immigration.

Listen and download “Where Did the Time Go” by Euferzine from AMAZON or iTunes


06 Puerto Penasco – The Grisly Hand (from the album Hearts and Stars)

The Grisly Hand stomp a rock’h’roll gas pedal through the floorboards as they barrel down to the beach in “Puerto Penasco”. The Kansas City, Missouri-based band have visions of drinking in the sand on a tune from their recent release, Hearts and Stars.

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07 Handmics Killed Country Music – Sam Bush (from the album Storyman on Concord Records)

A love story opens up “Handmics Killed Country Music” as Sam Bush tells the true tale of Opry stars and the guitars they love. Sam has been playing mandolin in bands and solo since 1970, and he is the Storyman on his recent album release.

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08 Late for the Protest – Paul Sachs (from the album Love is Love)

Paul Sachs is an NYC Folk musician and he sticks to story traditions in “Late for the Protest”. Paul is making a confession that quickly becomes a guideline for social changes needed as he subtly scribes that it is never too late to take a stand with the song from his latest album release, Love is Love.

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09 Going Down – Colin James (from the album Blue Highways on True North Records)

Colin James sings and plays with a Freddie King track in “Going Down”. Colin’s electric grooves share the crackle of the Jeff Beck Group cover of the tune as the Blues takes a road trip in the latest Colin James release, Blue Highways.

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10 Highway Prayer – Walt Wilkins (from the album Highway Prayer, A Tribute to Adam Carroll)

Walt Wilkins joins other fans to tribute songwriter Adam Carroll. Hayes Carll, James McMurtry, Jamie Lin Wilson, The Band of Heathens, Slaid Cleaves, and many more introduce tunes on Highway Prayer, a Tribute to Adam Carroll. Walt Wilkins closes out the Top Ten with a “Highway Prayer” that bids a safe journey to fellow travelers.

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