The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, November 19, 2016 gives a listen to 2017 as more new music for a new year enters the chart, with the top of the list giving the crown to Nikki Lane as the “Highway Queen”, the title track from her upcoming (2-17-17) release. The Band of Heathens premier a listen from their release, Duende, due on January 14, 2017 with “Trouble Came Early”, and Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival offers a single release from their album Home, available in February 2017. Blue Rodeo gave Alt Country some northern exposure when the formed in the 1984, and the Canadian band continues to stir the south into their music with the release of 1000 Arms, offering “Hard to Remember” on the Top Ten. Rory Block continues her series of tributes to the original Bluesmen as she honors Bukka White with Keepin’ Outta Trouble and his tune “Panama Limited” on the chart while Mike Zito uses the music for modern day magic with the title track from his new release, Make Blues Not War. Driftwood tends “Fishbowl”, Angie and the Deserters push and pull memories with their new single, “Forgetting to Forget” as Adrian + Meredith chomp down on a beat with “Get What She Wants”. Billy Crockett is the guide for good advice and comfort as he suggests listening to the “Record Player” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, November 19, 2016.


01 – Highway Queen – Nikki Lane (from the album Highway Queen available on 2-17-17 on New West Records)

The western heartbeat is strong as Nikki Lane cruises ’16,000 miles of blacktop’ wearing the crown of “Highway Queen” on the title track from upcoming release. Highway Queen will be available through New West Records on February 17, 2017.

Listen and buy “Highway Queen” by Nikki Lane from AMAZON or iTunes


02 Hard to Remember – Blue Rodeo (from the album 1000 Arms)

For the upcoming cold months in the northern hemisphere, Blue Rodeo do a show and tell for what they accomplished last winter in their Woodshed Studios with the release, 1000 Arms. It is album number fourteen for the impossible-to-forget Canadian Roots Rock band as they offer “Hard to Remember”.

Listen and buy “Hard to Remember” by Blue Rodeo from AMAZON or iTunes


03 Trouble Came Early - The Band of Heathens (from the album Duende available 1-14-17)

The Band of Heathens rock’n’roll the message of “Trouble Came Early” as the band find a happy home life hitting the wall. The track is from their upcoming January 14, 2017 release, Duende.

Listen and buy “Trouble Came Early" by The Band of Heathens from AMAZON and iTunes on 1-14-16


04 Fishbowl - Driftwood (from the album City Lights)

Driftwood follows a bass thump with a string band boogie beat around “Fishbowl” from their recently release album, City Lights. The band are watching leaves fall as they bring a rumbling rhythm to their northern New York state home in Binghamton.

Listen and buy “Fishbowl” by Driftwood from AMAZON and iTunes


05 Panama Limited – Rory Block (from the album Keepin’ Outta Trouble)

Continuing her chronicling of Blues history, Rory Block gets to the words and music of Bukka White with her recent release, Keepin’ Outta Trouble. The guitar rides like a freight train as Rory tracks “Panama Limited”.

Listen and download “Panama Limited” by Rory Block from AMAZON or iTunes


06 My Name is Love – Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival (from the album Home available February 2017)

Jimmy Lumpkin puts a backbeat to Roots garage rock as The Revival tag airwaves with “My Name is Love”. Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival offer the single release as a tease from their February 2017 release, Home.

Listen and buy “My Name is Love” by Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival from AMAZON and iTunes


07 Forgetting to Forget – Angie and the Deserters (from the E.P. You)

Angie and the Deserters have a new single from their E.P., You. The SoCal-based California Country band have recent loss packed away except for what is on the inside as the sing about “Forgetting to Forget”.

Listen and buy “Forgetting to Forget” by Angie and the Deserters from AMAZON or iTunes


08 Make Blues Not War – Mike Zito (from the album Make Blues Not War on Ruf Records)

Mike Zito brings world problems back to the fires at home as suggests “Make Blues Not War” on the title track from his recent release. Slow Texas boogie rocks a peace treaty showing signatures from Robert Johnson, B.B. King, and Muddy Water.

Listen and buy “Make Blues Not War” by Mike Zito from AMAZON or iTunes


09 Record Player – Billy Crockett (from the album Rabbit Hole)

Billy Crockett spins seven-inch wisdom as he sings a breezy ode to “Record Player”. Smooth grooves, saxophones, harmonies singing about rhythm and blues on the tune from Rabbit Hole, Billy Crockett’s latest release.

Listen and buy “Record Player“ by Billy Crockett from iTunes


10 Get What She Wants – Adrian + Meredith (from the album More Than a Little)

Adrian + Meredith pound out a midnight trance beat as they tell the tale of a lady who “Get What She Wants”. Haunted harmonies, brimstone fiddles, and an angry red guitar walk a track into their recent release, More Than a Little.

Listen and watch “Get What She Wants” by Adrian + Meredith on AMAZON or iTunes

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