The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, October 8, 2016 opens with not-so-secret number sequence. Todd Snider sits at number one with the zip code for East Nashville, Tennessee, “37206”. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings bring in male microphone companionship with the Canadian release of Kings and Kings, and on the Top Ten sharing vocals with Rodney Crowell in “Live by the Song”, Bob Weir takes a solo trip up Blue Mountain, his recent release, as he heads to “Gonesville” and Shovels and Rope tribute Canadian keyboardist, Garth Hudson. Southern Culture on the Skids warn of a “Midnight Caller”, Renne Wahl picks a side on “Better the Devil”, Dead 27s do some “Hustlin’”, Farewell Milwaukee hand out “Diamonds”, and Doyle Bramhall II points out your own your own in “Mama Can’t Help You”. Sugar Ray and the Bluetones are sharp guys, though they mention that do not always hit what they were aiming for with “Misses Blues”, on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, October 8, 2016.


01 37206 - Todd Snider (from the album Eastside Bulldog) -  

East Nashville is spreading out, and the neighborhood is no longer an underground spot full of venues where the line between audience and stage was a constantly moving target. Todd Snider seems too busy to still be mayor though he takes the top ambassador role for the other side of the river on his album Eastside Bulldog, putting down the zip code, “37206”, on an out of control rock’n’roll rhythm.

 Listen and buy “37206” by Todd Snider from AMAZON or iTunes


02 Midnight Caller – Southern Culture on the Skids (from the album The Electric Pinecones)

Southern Culture on the Skids had an alter-ego, The Pinecones. The side project was the home for wayward Folk, Country, and 60’s west coast influenced tunes that could not find a home on the band albums. The tracks led to a home on The Electric Pinecones, the latest release from Southern Culture on the Skids. The band dial in a warning with the Psychedelic Soul of “Midnight Caller” from the album.

Listen and buy “Midnight Caller” by Southern Culture on the Skids from AMAZON and iTunes


03 The Last Hawk – Shovels and Rope (from the album Little Seeds on New West Records)

Shovels and Rope give it up for Garth Hudson, keyboardist for The Band. Before Bob Dylan and rising success. Garth was a member of the Hawks, backing band for Ronnie Hawkins, along with Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel, and Rick Danko. Garth Hudson is ‘the last hawk flying over Woodstock’ on a tune from Shovels and Rope recent release, Little Seeds.

Listen and buy “The Last Hawk” by Shovels and Rope from AMAZON or iTunes


04 Gonesville – Bob Weir (from the album Blue Mountain on Columbia Legacy)

Members of Brooklyn’s Indie Rockers, The National, liked the idea of Bob Weir’s songs presented under western audio skies. Blue Mountain rises up as the results as Bob Weir checks into “Gonesville” on a California Country ramble.

Listen and buy “Gonesville” by Bob Weir from AMAZON or iTunes


05 Live by the Song – Blackie and the Rodeo Kings with Rodney Crowell (from the album Kings and Kings)

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings shared album space with musically minded women with Kings and Queens. The boys are back and have invited in male friends to round out the duet field with Kings and Kings. Rodney Crowell joins Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, everyone singing from experience on “Live by the Song”.

Listen and buy “Live by the Song” by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings with Rodney Crowell from iTunes


06 Mama Can’t Help You – Doyle Bramhall II (from the album Rich Man on Concord Records)

Doyle Bramhall II uses the bass groove of James Gadsden (Bill Withers) as the bottom line for “Mama Can’t Help You”. The track, found on his recent release, Rich Man, is a ‘call for reckoning”, Doyle Bramhall II explaining the story is about ‘entitlement, accountability, and taking responsibility for yourself, your circumstances, actions, and resulting consequences’.

Listen and buy “Mama Can’t Help You” by Doyle Bramhall II from AMAZON and iTunes


07 Better the Devil – Renee Wahl (from the E.P. Sworn Secrets)

Life has choices, and without ever really giving in, having the ability to choose a side based on all the options is really the only way to win. Renee Wahl agrees, and lists reasons on “Better the Devil” as she weighs when to take, and when to give back on a tune from her recent E.P., Sworn Secrets.

Listen and buy “Better the Devil” by Renee Wahl from her website


08 Diamonds – Farewell Milwaukee (from the album FM)

Alt-Country sparkle flies as Farewell Milwaukee as they spin the dial of songs on FM. Guitar jangle and country wisdom pull out a blanket as Farewell Milwaukee polish and shine a melody with “Diamonds”.

Listen and buy “Diamonds” by Farewell Milwaukee from AMAZON and iTunes


09 Hustlin’ - Dead 27s (from the album Ghosts Are Calling Out)

Charleston, South Carolina-based Dead 27s traveled down to New Orleans to record their recent release, Ghosts are Calling Out, with producer Ben Ellman (Galactic). The band struts with natural rhythm, equal parts of Rock and Soul, as the cruise on a track from the release with “Hustlin’”.

Listen and buy “Hustlin’” by Dead 27s from AMAZON or iTunes


10 Misses Blues – Sugar Ray and the Bluetones (from the album Seeing is Believing on Severn Records)

Sugar Ray Norcia watches opportunity pass him by in the story line for “Misses Blues”. The scales of balance are way off on the ‘miss’ side though The Bluetones manage to perk up the ‘blues’ side with a slinky Blue late night boogie.

 Listen and buy “Misses Blues” by Sugar Ray and the Bluetones from AMAZON or iTunes

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