One more year of heart throbs and heart bumps, all caught in a song. We have received lots of Valentine’s Day greetings in words and music from artists around the world. We have gotten the number down to 44 songs, 22 per free download of American Roots music. These songs are being sent digitally to your hearts from the 44 artists who contributed. The tunes are sexy and scary, sticky sweet and tough as nails, showing all facets of that great big lump of love sitting in the middle of your chest. We tried to pick songs that are personal, characters that are speaking one on one, two being the number of choice for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve got it or you are looking for it, if you are done with it or just beginning, we all have a notion of love in our minds. You can swear of the stuff and then suddenly Cupid strikes. Streaming music players for all the artists are located at the bottom of the page.  Free download links are listed below.

The Alternate Root 2014 Valentine’s Day Sampler starts Part One with a theme ringer, “Valentine’s Day” from Peter Karp and Sue Foley. The pair trade kudos across a blues slide made for two. Boston’s well-dressed rock’n’roll country gentlemen, Girls Guns and Glory, let their love interest know that being shaken brings the stirring in “Be Your Man”, from their recent release Good Luck, and Yarn dapple Brooklyn sunshine in the melody and NYC tough love a tale that suggests “Lay Down Your Love”. The Howlin’ Brothers offer “love” from their forthcoming release and take their hill music down to Jamaica’s Blue Mountain for the world’s first sighting/sounding of bluegrass dub direct from recordings in Rasta Holler. The Del-Lords think the best love match is “Damaged” baggage, The Carper Family sing to their “Old-Fashioned Gal”, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings have one last dance with the “Fleur De Lys” and Greg Trooper waves goodbye to his departing blood pumper with a hearty “Good Luck Heart”.  New music sent with love in the studio from upcoming releases by Garrett Lebeau (“I’m Lovin’ You”), Brian Ashley Jones (“Maybe Then”) and Sad Bastards of Brooklyn (“Claws of a Hammer”). Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs will be gone for days before you are “Up Off the Floor”, The Bluesmasters crawl and sizzle on a hot blue dance floor with a promise to prove it all night long to Mr. “Loving Man”, Ted Russell Kamp and his bass let their minds slip back in memories of a “Rainy Day Valentine”, and Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers offer a Valentine’s Day lullaby with the gentle swaying “Comes A Time”. Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore, Sarah Blacker, Amy Black, Randy Thompson, Ronnie Fauss, Arkansauce, Martin Rivas, and Alan Greenleaf and The Doctor all have love opinions to share on Part One of The Alternate Root 2014 valentine’s Day Sampler.


The Alternate Root 2014 Valentine’s Day Sampler Part Two starts off with Wild Ponies reminding us that “Valentine’s Day” is about simple gifts, something that’s real. Peter Karp and Sue Foley get the X-rating with “Mm Hmm” and Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott shout out their path over blue string music in “It All Comes Down to Love”. Nikki Hill blasts Roots Rock’n’Roll to let you know “I’ve Got A Man”, NYC Irish Roots rockers Black 47 cite “Yeats and Joyce” as the stroll Times Square, John Batdorf sees the question “Will I Love You Forever” and Cotton Wine see the answer “When You Know You Know”. Honey Don’t see baby coming home, thinking how long it’s been spinning love in “Heart Like A Wheel” and My Darling Clementine wonder just how long love can be disguised as abuse as they firmly state “No Matter What Tammy Said (I Won’t Stand By Him)”. Dirtfoot raise a righteous ruckus to rattle off about “My Girl”, Mary Lee Kortes drops “Like Water” from her Mary Lee Corvette album 700 Miles, Mad Buffalo slows down a love song with “All I Really Want”, Dirty River Ramblers shuffle up “Hippy Girl” and The Halley Devestern Band work out the cramps with foot stomps on “Muscle Memory”. Skyline Drive ride on persistent rhythms and flute trills as dreams drift in through an open window on “My Little Valentine”, New Americans Farmers herald their goodbye with a trumpet call in “Don’t Wait for Me Here” and The Christian Lopez Band welcomes love in and gives it a spare key in “This Romance”. Valentine's Day has a lot of hearts flying around and The Men WIth Strong Arms hold a hand full of heart as they explain "That's What Love Is For". Mike Cullison, Alice Wallace, George Breakfast, the Shelby Bottom String Band, D.L. Marble, and Michael Rank and STAG bring the love on The Alternate Root 2014 Valentine’s Day sampler.


                   The Alternate Root 2014 Valentine’s Day Sampler, Part One

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The Alternate Root 2014 Valentine’s Day Sampler, Part Two

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