The Cash Box Kings (from the album Royal Mint on Alligator Records)

Nine albums into a career of Country Soul, The Cash Box Kings make their Alligator Records debut with Royal Mint. Guitar twang and country-flavored harmonica Blues blasts slide smoothly on late night Soul grooves in “Flood”, lonely notes are the only friend for “I’m a Stranger”, bar room piano playing is the foundation for “Daddy Bear Blues”, guitar notes travel solo from Chicago to support the story on “I Come All the Way from Chi-Town”, and a hard edged beat promises to achieve its goals with “I’m Gonna Get My Baby”. At the heart of The Cash Box Kings are the Blues talents of Joe Nosek (vocals, harmonica) and Oscar Wilson (vocals). The pair balance Royal Mint with originals alongside their own take on the music of classic artists such as Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, and Amos Milburn.

Oscar Wilson grew up on the South Side of Chicago, receiving a front and center Blues education through the music of Junior Wells, Elmore James, Big Smokey Smothers and other legends who visited the Wilson family home for their weekly Friday Fish Fry. Oscar joined The Cash Box Kings in 2007 though the band’s origins began in Madison, Wisconsin with Joe Nosek in 2001. The pair are backed in The Cash Box Kings by top shelf players as a Blues collective. Royal Mint heads uptown immediately on album opener with “House Party” and heads to the Mississippi Delta for a traditional reading of Robert Johnson’s “Traveling Riverside Blues”. The Cash Box Kings put a Country touch in the music as they roll along on a political rant for what is wrong in America with “Build That Wall”, advise “If You Got a Jealous Woman Facebook Ain’t Your Friend”, suggest “Don’t Let Life Tether You Down”, and make plans to keep the Blues boogie going until dawn with “All Night Long”.

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