Peter Himmelman (from the album There is No Calamity)

A little bit of trust brought some great results for Peter Himmelman on his upcoming (August 11, 2017) release, There is No Calamity. For the course of his album output and various projects, Peter Himmelman has been the central figure for decisions and actions. For There is No Calamity, he contacted Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) at the urging of a friend who told Peter that Steve was a fan of his work. Peter Himmelman submitted 83 demos and when Steve Berlin got back in touch after a Los Lobos tour, Peter was surprised by his song choices for the album. The trust came when Peter Himmelman decided to go with the songs selected by Steve Berlin, who was stunned by the show of faith, recalling that the process ‘was remarkable in that when we started he (Peter Himmelman) really didn’t know me or my taste yet he basically said ‘just tell me what to do and I'll do it as good as I can’. A producer can’t ask for anything more than that, and I can tell you that too is rare in my experience.’. And for Peter Himmleman, who brought Steve Berlin on board as producer for There is No Calamity, he found the resulting album ‘captures the elusive sound of a record — as opposed to a well-wrought demo’.

An open letter to humanity begins the album as Peter Himmelman chants ‘stop the hate’ and offers a DIY guide for the how-to in “245TH Peace Song”. The track sets the tone for There is No Calamity as Peter Himmelman weighs in on the modern world with a nearly spoken vocal walking over piano notes in “Rich Men Rule the World”, offers up “Sacrificial” on an altar of pounding rhythms and sharp stick pokes from guitar riffs while a melody gently rotates under “Fear is Our Undoing”, caffeinated beats give an urgency to “Smoke and Flakes”, and plays tag with the choices of “Ropes or Wings” as the options become to be tied down or to fly. Peter Himmelman is a man of words, using music as a vehicle pulpit to offer salvation as sermons that satisfy on There is No Calamity. The album rattles rhythms into a chaotic swirl to match the rapid-fire wordplay that flows over “Ribbon of Highway” as There is No Calamity gently bids condolences (“I Pity You Spirits”) and seeks a way out of mounting flames (“Burning Through the Days”) while Peter Himmelman deals out emotions over a rock’n’roll beat with “Memories in This Heart of Mine” and on tender strums mixed with the patter of percussion for “Love Is What Carries Us”.

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