White Owl Red (from the album Naked and Falling)


Take a pinch of the Dead, add a little Airplane, with a dash of Byrd seed and a healthy dose of Quick Silver and Burritos, roll it up and partake of San Francisco’s White Owl Red, a refreshing psychedelic dream like fog that rolls over the hustle and bustle of The City and out to the rest of the world. California Country drifts like mist rolling in from the bay on Naked and Falling, the latest release from the San Francisco-based band. Chords float and flutter, washing like waves over “Pills and Paper” as lonesome guitar notes freckle the melody as the album dances on the rapid strums and accordion swells found “In Ruin”, stumbles with “Alcoholic Stepmom”, and drips like fat drops of weather in “Falls Like the Rain”. Country Rock takes a dose of psychedelia to deliver the sounds of Naked and Falling as White Owl Red guide the tracks down lazily flowing rhythms and west coast Folk music.

Following the success of their debut release, White Owl Red continue the musical traditions of Roots and Americana on their second album, Naked and Falling. A dreamy groove meanders under the confessions and realizations of “Your Skin on My Skin” as White Owl Red trace “Another Form of You” with circling notes and rhythms, whisper fears into “Nothing”, and admit that the road of life sometimes “Hurts Like Hell” while Naked and Falling hangs on to guitar jangle for “Falling Off the World” and creates a strong framework with a solid backbeat for “The Cracks Keep Getting Bigger”. (by J. Alan Taylor)

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