Rick Shelley (from the album Hope Wrapped in Razor Wire)

A Rolling Stones song was the inspiration for Rick Shelley as he opens Hope Wrapped in Razor Wire, his latest release, with “Sing Waiting on a Friend”. A mental mix of Rock’n’Roll, Country, blue-eyed Soul, and Roots music play as a soundtrack in the head of Rick Shelley as he translates their influences into the song for Hope Wrapped in Razor Wire. He dials in Buck Owens twang as he cruises down “Highway 99 (Bakersfield)”, hears happiness in the future as he gently strums “Right Back in My Arms”, looks for “Heart I Never Had” in the dark guitar riff staggering through the melody, and speaks a song for a lady as “All She Really Wants” puts flesh and blood to a fantasy.

An honest vocal warms the delivery of Rick Shelley as the desert dweller brands California Country in the recording, produced by Chris Unck at his High Lonesome Studio in Joshua Tree, CA. The sad tale of Irish miners is relived and related in “Dead Horse Hollow” as Rick Shelley drifts thick, echoed guitar notes on the desert breeze under the rhythms of “Kisses Bitter”, takes the “Long Way Around” with determined strums and regrets, and finds a neck tattoo in the title track to explain the album name as Hope Wrapped in Razor Wire tumbles on a rumbling rhythm as it falls into “Home to the Bed I Made”.

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