Sarah Beatty (from the album Bandit Queen)

A songwriter and a scientist, Sarah Beatty stages her second album release, Bandit Queen, as a conceptual adventure. Sarah Beatty is the star of the ‘shipwrecked epic journey’ that travels over the sea (“Slaves and Kings”), through the swamp (“Prehistoric Sludge”), and on the land (“Northern Shore”) to craft the story line for a modern-day fable. Bandit Queen stomps on a beat for its title track to play out with a lyrical spit as dialogue for an audio spaghetti western. Based in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), Sarah Beatty is backed by players from the Fred Eaglesmith Band and The Woodshed Orchestra.

Providing a social commentary with a smirk, Sarah Beatty finds a cure-all for lost love with pattering percussion blended with “Stronger Alchemy” and interviews a “Temporary Lover” on a runaway rock’n’roll beat while she strums chords to pluck out a story for “Wild Rose” and walks through Bandit Queen on a haunted melody in “Just Like Me”.

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