Jeffrey Halford (from the album Lo Fi Dreams)

Jeffrey Halford was one of those kids with a transistor radio glued to the side of his head while growing into his formative years in Dallas, Texas. The music that came through the loudest was Roger Miller, and Jeffrey took that education along when his family packed up and moved to California coastal beach town in 1959. Though his folks moved around the golden state the constant companion for Jeffrey Halford was the transistor and the musical diversity coming out of LA that Wolfman Jack would spin on his turntables. The lessons learned are played out on the latest release from Jeffrey Halford, Lo Fi Dreams. The album floats in on opening track, “Two Jacksons”, as Jeffrey Halford cruises west coast highways with his window down to catch the breezy rhythms that move smoothly over the song like Pacific tides.

Lo Fi Dreams flaps its wings on wiggling guitar riffs for “Bird of Youth”, stomps down the beat for a rockabilly romp with “Good Trouble”, pries open “Door #3” with a Tex-Mex groove, and travels “10,000 Miles” on acoustic Folk picking. Jeffrey Halford has a easy vocal delivery that guides the songs over a Blues bounce (“Lookin’ for a Home”) as he whispers electric guitar notes that sparkle around “Last Kiss”, and quietly remembering the moments live died over “The Great Divide” as Lo Fi Dreams lays out some sugar for a diner over stretched out guitar leads with “Sweet Annette” and takes aim on rubbery notes and the pounding percussion of “Elvis Shot the Television”.

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