The Gibson Brothers (from the album In the Ground)

Following an album dedicated to duet traditions, The Gibson Brothers offer a new album that expands on the rich history of Bluegrass and gives a fertile spot for the genre to grow with In the Ground, their recent release. The Gibson Brothers are superstars within the Bluegrass community, garnering multiple awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association including Entertainer of the Year, Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Album of the Year. In the Ground offers a packet full of tracks penned by The Gibson Brothers. Leigh Gibson feels that ‘I think it shows maturation. I started to see and feel the impact of where we’re from, how it carries into our music, it’s honesty. We didn’t need to turn to anyone else to tell our story for the record’. In the Ground talks of a farmland home that faces danger in modern times with the title track. The Gibson Brothers are surrounded by good times while they dwell in lost love with “Everywhere I Go” as the comfort of companionship speaks loudly in “Friend of Mine”, and advice for the next generation urges to hold the lessons of family within arm’s reach with “Remember Who You Are”.

The songs of In the Ground hold a warmth and familiarity for listeners as The Gibson Brothers scribe stories based in their personal lives. The Gibson Brothers began their musical journey with a banjo and guitar on a farm in northern New York state close to the Canadian border. Memories of their childhood and the knowledge of adults that know they are the last generation to grow up on the family dairy farm blend in the stories on the album. Influences from the music of their youth back the experience of the past on In the Ground as it opens bleary eyes on a blurry morning with “Homemade Wine”, looks out from “Fool’s Hill” on life’s decisions, and strums for the joy in the unknown in “Making Good Time”. The Gibson Brothers open the album on a rumble as “Highway” sounds its siren call while they play a waltz with a satisfied smirk on “Look Who’s Crying” and have gratitude for the present as doubts raise storm clouds over a restless future with “I Can’t Breathe Deep Yet”.

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