Great American Taxi (from the album Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show)

The rhythms shift in dream-like patterns as Great American Taxi cruise down the midway in the title track from their recent release, Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show. Much like the audio family on the album, “Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show” pledges to readjust moods, turn those frowns upside down into a smile, and, like the good doctor promises, to feel good. While the track lists potions, elixirs, and sideshow attractions as its methods, the other songs provide the same results with stories and a bounce in their beat. Driving down the road ‘from here to forgiveness’, Great American Taxi steer “Like There’s No Yesterday” towards a better tomorrow, slow their steps to weigh the toll taken by time in “Mother Lode”, search for “Sunshiny Days” with determined footfalls of rhythm, and strike a deal in “Louie Town” on a dark, edgy shuffle.

Great American Taxi make a jam of genres, blending Americana, Folk, boogie, Country, and blue-eyed Soul into their songs. Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show shimmies and shakes joining “Everybody” into a community finding support with each other, puts a funk into the good time groove for “Out on the Town”, and heeds the call of “All the Angels” on the percussive pull of beats and banjo. Great American Taxi stride into Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show on the opening track as they flash the rhythm like a beacon from their galactic Cadillac on “We Can Run” and make the journey “Home” a singalong harmony.

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