Sunny Sweeney (from the album Trophy)

The Trophy that Sunny Sweeney puts on her shelf with her recent album release comes from the hard-won results of her own life. Sunny has never sugarcoated her songs and Trophy continues to show the progress she makes on roads of personal experience. The bridge between a whiskey-straight drinker and a beer in the bottle gal is crossed in just a few steps as Sunny Sweeney makes a pact in “Grow Old with Me”. Trophy presents a small statue for longevity in ‘putting up with you’ on the title track, hands out an award for performance on a slow waltz in “I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight”, patters out a prize for a “Better Bad Idea”, and goes for the gold in a long run in the barroom with “Pass the Pain”.

The sad side of Country songs shines in the delivery of Sunny Sweeney as she offers support to share the misery and help mend the wounds of a broken heart and shattered dreams. Trophy quietly recalls the lack of a goodbye or an I’m sorry as it speaks “Unsaid”, wonders if habits are still giving the same thrills with “Pills”, and follows a lonesome fiddle and stark strums to the “Bottle by My Bed” as Sunny Sweeney plays tour guide by namechecking the highlights of her home state as she welcomes prodigals back home in “Nothing Wrong with Texas”.

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