AJ Hobbs (from the album Too Much is Never Enough)

AJ Hobbs drives his recent release, Too Much is Never Enough, with California Country, and though the west coast based, he assures that ‘there is a whole lot of Texas in my heart’. AJ put his love for Country music in band form in 2013 when the classically trained musician immersed himself in what he calls his ‘Country Soul’. Too Much is Never Enough puts AJ Hobbs in the lead role for vocals and guitar with assistance from the studio wisdom of Ted Russell Kamp who takes over the bass duties on the album. Filling out the playing on Too Much is Never is Enough are A-list players from the Country and Soul camps with additional guitar work from Storm Rhodes IV (Merle Haggard, The Mavericks) and Jeremy Long (Sam Outlaw), Aubrey Richmond on fiddle, and Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam, The Broken West) on organ among others. AJ Hobbs turns the radio dial to classic 1970’s Country music in the songs and story lines, blending honky tonk and humor on tunes such as “Shit Just Got Real”, “Daddy Loved the Lord”, and “Tomorrow I’ll Be Hurtin’” as Outlaw Country idols are put on full display with a track dedicated to “Waylon and Merle” and AJ taking on Haggard in “The Bottle Let Me Down”.

AJ Hobbs takes liberties with a personal audio-biography in “The Loser”, turning the title into a win as he walks out the door of a 9 to 5 life and into the tour bus as a ‘guitar man about to walk off and make a life out on the road’. Too Much is Never Enough kicks the album open on the title track as AJ Hobbs barrels rolls the beat while he namechecks Johnny Paycheck and swears off the sauce with spicy rock’n’roll twang. AJ Hobbs tours the “Eastside” on a soft sway backing bad choices, joins Dominique Pruitt in a ‘dirty old honky tonk in Houston” for a duet in “Take It Slow”, and opens his heart for “A Whole Lot of You and Me” as Too Much is Never Enough greets a spring day wondering “Are You Going to Tennessee”.

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