Todd Snider (from the album Eastside Bulldog)

Todd Snider represents for the ‘hood as he gathers together fellow Eastsiders on his recent release, Eastside Bulldog. The album gives his alter-ego, Elmo Buzz, a starring role in a band that crackles with the fire of early rock’n’roll torchbearers such as Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. As a songwriter, Todd Snider’s pen has etched his name next to Texas songmen like Guy Clark and Ray Wylie Hubbard. While Eastside Bulldog features his words the album is all about the hard drive of the music, capturing a tempest in a teacup inside the borders of two to three minute blasts of songs. The East Nashville neighborhood has gotten gentrified as hipsters flock across the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge like a heavy rain overflowing the banks of the Cumberland River, which has traditionally kept the business side of music safely at a distance. Not that long ago, calling East Nashville home took tougher hands than those wrapped around designer coffee containers. Eastside Bulldog remembers nights when scrapping mixed with dancing as it cries out “Enough is Enough” and recalls when songs held more than stories about ‘chicks and cars and partying hard’ as it shows “Hey Pretty Boy” the road back to Franklin, Tennessee.

The gauntlet is thrown down for getting kicks on a rock’n’roll beat as Eastside Bulldog addresses its mail with an East Nashville zip code stamped “37206”, provides some footwork to honor the yearly Tomato Arts Festival (8-12-17) with “Funky Tomato” as it cruises in a Rocket 88 headed back home in the title track. Todd Snider put together Eastside Bulldog on the fly when he was given free studio time and had no new songs in his notebook. The lyrics came out when the band started to play, the musicians providing background vocals with call and response shout-outs as Todd Snider asks “Are You with Me”, promises that ‘this song is even better than it sounds’ in “Check It Out”, and invites the world into the supportive East Nashville music community for a 420 24/7 Happy Hour with “Come on Up”.

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