Mike Zito (from the album Make Blues Not War on Ruf Records)

Positive energy crackles in the electricity that pours from Mike Zito and his recent release Make Blues Not War. Mike’s guitar leads a charge for the pounding beat that works its way up “Crazy Legs”, proudly strums for the passing of a paternal torch in “Chip Off the Block”, and slides on the steamy smooth love given to “Girl Back Home”. Make Blues Not War does a double duty on its title track as Mike Zito questions the politics of love on a personal and world level as answers the problems with an effective solution……turn up the volume for Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and B.B King and let the music heal.

Mike Zito puts another notch in his wall of sound for the Blues with Make Blues Not War, his thirteenth album and second solo effort since his departure from Roots super-sonic-group Royal Southern Brotherhood. The recording was produced with Tom Hambrdige, who gets a co-write on the tunes, at Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Mike recalls that the studio time was ‘so much fun. It's a completely live album, where the musicians all set up and we just hit record and went for it. The energy was awesome and sometimes we'd just be laughing so hard because it was all so intense and exciting’. Mike Zito is a moving music man on Make Blues Not War as he rolls down the tracks with “One More Train to Ride”, revs up the motor for “On the Road”, flies on a Blues Rock stomp in “Red Bird”, and slows the motion as he heads back to work on “Road Dog”.

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