Lori McKenna (from the album The Bird and the Rifle)

The songs of Lori McKenna put day to day lives center stage as stars of the show. On her tenth album release, The Bird and the Rifle, Lori McKenna sings one for the girls, the dreaming girls, the lovelorn girls, as she takes a look at expectations in “Halfway Home”, weighing both sides of the coin on the scales of life’s possibilities and offers “Humble and Kind”, a Lori McKenna tune that hit number one on the charts for Tim McGraw. Quietly plucked guitar notes are the soundtrack for young lives as they go from awkward moves to smoother dance steps in “We Were Cool” while strums and strings back the tale of “Old Men Young Women” and promises roll with the gentle rhythms and hopes of “Always Want You”.

Lori McKenna left her family life of husband and five kids, traveling to Nashville, Tennessee for the recording of the Dave Cobb produced The Bird and the Rifle. Recorded live, Lori McKenna recalls that the production was transforming, feeling that ‘this record was made in a way that’s very different from anything else I’ve ever done. It’s very much me––this record and the songs. But it’s like I took the ten songs and just got in someone else’s car and took a ride down the coast. I completely plugged into the world of Dave Cobb’. The Bird and the Rifle takes aim at a love that misses its target with “If Whiskey Were a Woman”, watches two lovers drift apart in “Wreck You”, and sees time take a toll in “Giving Up on Your Hometown”. Lori McKenna simply speaks to the complexities of love as assured chords and a tough beat become the stage that gives life to the tattoos of the main characters in the title track.

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