Jeff Posey (from the album Punchers and Poets and Wildhorse Rdemption)

The third time around for albums show the words and music of Jeff Posey just as charming as his debut (Pocketful). Second album (Mighty Rider) producer Walk Wilkins returns to produce Punchers and Poets and Wildhorse Redemption, the third release from Jeff Posey. Cowboy Americana stages the songs against a western backdrop where memories haunt “Boxcars of Renosa”, carefree days of youth play tag in the dust of a rundown house for “Buffalo Nickel”, scratchy fiddle and guitar chords find their way through “Indiana” and an assured rhythm keeps company to the lonely lover in “Waiting Up for the Rain”. Jeff ‘Wildhorse’ Posey lends his nickname and demeanor to the four-legged freedom that gallops through “Wildhorse Redemption”, slides on strings to speak a tale in the glow of “Pawn Shop Neon”, tells the hill country story of “The Lady Llano and Cowboy Kerouac” on a prancing beat, and sings a song for ‘dreamers and leavers’ as he dances with the wild spirit in “Romancing the Road”.

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