John Calvin Abney (from the album Far Cries and Close Calls on Horton Records)

There are many things that bring musicians back into the studio. For John Calvin Abney, the recording of Far Cries and Close Calls, his recent release, the studio was a place for the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based musician to take a break. John Calvin was tired by the end of 2015. The road for his solo career and band membership as part of The Damn Quails as well as backing John Moreland and Samantha Crain had kept him traveling for two and a half years. Lines on the map showed 100,00 miles logged in and x’s on the calendar marked off 400 shows. Following a successful debut album (Better Luck) and two E.P’s, John Calvin Abney was ready to record a new album when a better plan materialized in his mind. The studio dates were cancelled when ‘I left in the middle of the recording session and went to Colorado at the beginning of January. I took all my four-track recording gear to the mountain and I was going to record the record by myself up there. But I didn’t record a single note. I actually ended up writing 20 new songs’.

The universe was shining a guiding light for John Calvin Abney when the double-digit results twenty song output of his intuition came back to Tulsa to record. The spirit of the songs creation fell in line with the process of capturing the words and music when ‘Everyone was just miraculously free for three days. When I came off the mountain, I had new songs, a new perspective. We finished the whole record in three days. It’s kind of cosmic how it turned out. It felt like a second chance’. The tracks that line Far Cries and Close Calls are audio examples of the magic as the album tenderly whispers a confession on “Way Out”, confidently strides in on shakey riffs to toast memories in “Beauty Seldom Scene”, puts a film noir groove on the big screen story of the “Imposter”, and slows Tulsa Sound rhythms as “More Than Moonlight” works its twangy Folk Rock. John Calvin Abney slips between styles like a ghost as he bids “Goodbye Temporarily” with perfect-world Pop, struts with a Rock swagger, dancing down the aisle for “Jailbreak”, and channels Bob Dylan’s subterranean ways as the tour bus pulls into the next big city show on “Weekly Rate Palace”.

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