Doug MacLeod (from the album Doug MacLeod – Live in Europe)

Chronicling a life in the Blues, Doug MacLeod presents a live performance album as his recent release. Doug MacLeod – Live in Europe is man and guitar. With his National guitar in his arms, Doug MacLeod keeps the time with his left foot, giving the Blues room to move on the album. Live in Europe finds Doug MacLeod in a ‘town in Holland whose name I can’t pronounce’ as he offers his original tracks on the recording. Doug has help with the framework of “The New Panama Ltd.”, introducing the Bukka White tune, explaining how it was transformed by Tom Rush when the 1970’s songman compiled many of the Bluesmans train tracks into one song. Doug expanded on Tom’s with his own trip on the rails. Doug MacLeod, Live in Europe showcases the work of the three-times Blues Music Awards winner in an acoustic setting captured in 2006.

The Blues was a refuge for Doug MacLeod as a youth when the music became a safe spot from abuse and a place where his crippling stutter was part of the song. He developed a playing style that channeled a youthful rage into a churning right hand rhythm. Doug MacLeod orders up “Home Cookin’” as he tells the tale of a man needing to head out to hunt for food elsewhere when he finds his pantry a little paltry. Live in Europe brews up “Bad Magic” on a trance beat to take the European audience back to the USA and into a little kitchen in rural Virginia as it wards off “Cold Rain” by flash firing notes from the guitar, plaintively whispers “I Want You” with fast picking and slows the groove to barely moving as it points out “Ain’t the Blues Evil”. Doug MacLeod closes out Live in Europe with thoughts to take with you when you go, bidding the crowd gathered goodnight after dealing out the “Masters Plan” as advice for life.

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