Wheeler Walker, Jr (from the album Redneck Shit)

This album took a few listens to fully absorb, which you will understand when you hear it. I can safely say the first listen was interrupted by my own frequent bursts of hysterical laughter. Clever lyrics start you down the fun filled journey of the backroads of Wheeler Walker, Jr’s rural America. The title track, “Redneck Shit”, does a good job of setting the pace for the rest of the album. The haunting country waltz, “Family Tree”, is unlikely to be the chosen song for the first dance of a bride and groom at their wedding reception, it is, however, likely to be the go-to song for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties nationwide. Musically, the album shows skill and versatility throughout. “Fuck you Bitch” is the type of song that if a few key words were changed could easily be played on the radio. I would not change a thing though, it is spot on as is. Vocals are consistently perfect for each song as they sing out effective lyrical hooks. The musicianship is very good, easily on par with many classic Country Blues greats.

This adult themed gem deserves a serious listen from anyone who dares. There will be many that say this type of humor has no place in our society. I would say put on your big boy or big girl pants and give it your ear. I laughed my ass off, chances are very good you will too. Wheeler Walker, Jr., the sexy, redneck, badass persona created by Comedy Central funny man Ben Hoffman, is done just right. I like the character, the voice, and the music and look forward to future offerings from this artist. J. Alan Taylor

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