Mason Porter (from the album Heart of the Mountains) - The music of Mason Porter soars over “Yosemite”, giving wing to free-form string band Roots on the Pennsylvania band’s recent release, Heart of the Mountains. The five-piece meld Bluegrass and Folk Rock into a transcendent symphony of sound on the album as they gently remember a Civil War-era mournful wish for home with “Shenandoah”, wander through dream-like melodies with “You and I”, and open a “Box of Answers” on freckled guitar notes before walking with a confident beat into a generational thank you.

Mason Porter brought their instruments to parties in West Chester, PA to play covers, formally taking on a band name and rising to stages in 2006. Heart of the Mountains celebrates a decade of playing together as Mason Porter board a freight train rhythm heading off on a fast track to “See America”, and spin like a top as they circle around “Heart of the Mountain” on the title tune.

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