The Bills (from the album Trail of Tales) - Canadian quintet The Bills mark Trail of Tales (their recent album release) with milestones that the group has collected over their twenty years together. History provides a wide range of Roots for the band to choose from as backing for the tunes. A sea breeze blows in on the lightly plucked notes and gentle sway of “West Bay Crossing” before the wind of an assured fiddle riff takes the track flying on an equally confident current. Trail of Tales harmonizes on mortality with “When the Last Leaf Falls”, marches on the footfall beats of “She Went Up”, dances to the acoustic Funk of “Jungle Doctor”, and rocks on the Country flavor of “What Trouble Is”. The double decade of playing together has given The Bills and intuition born of the ability to listen to one another as well as playing as a unit. Old English Folk plays the fiddle in “Forgotten Beach Grove” as The Bills whisper notes for a “Lullaby for Elephants”, step lightly over “Pebble Beach”, wander through dreamlike chambers of music in “Wonder”, and fire up the beat for a honky tonk haberdashery window display in “Hittin’ the Do”.

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