Laser Lasers Birmingham (from the album Royal Blue) - The band name hint, Lasers Lasers Birmingham points away from the origins and home base of the man behind the music on Royal Blue E.P. The adopted name of Lasers Lasers Birmingham is for Alex Owen, a native of the Ozarks who set up in Los Angeles as keyboardist for the California Country of Folk Rock band Vanish Valley. The same obvious distance stands between the band name and expectations on Royal Blue.  Alex Owen points out that ‘the band name, Lasers Lasers Birmingham, is not exactly what people expect when they think of country music, but it comes from the same unconventional place the music does.  I may identify with the unmistakable emotions of the genre but my experiences are not always consistent with rural or bucolic sentiment. I’m writing country songs about living in Los Angeles in 2016’.  

The title track for Royal Blue filters down from Laurel Canyon through the Country Rock carved out of its hillsides. Lasers Lasers Birmingham circles Chicago for a day in “Shedd Aquarium and boards a carousel of western rhythms as Alex Owen becomes the golden ring in “Hard Man to Please”. Royal Blue gives world weary advice supported by the campfire Folk alchemy of “Any Way You Slice It” to close out the E.P.

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