Annie Keating (from the album Trick Star) - Annie Keating uses the title track for her recent release, Trick Star, as a reference to her first bicycle. Annie has no defined lines for her characters; they walk their own steps like the two hearts balancing high on freckled notes that weave a line across “Trapeze”, dance to a three-quarter time memory in “Slow Waltz”, or nurture kindness as it grows in “The Orchard” story line.  The distance between acceptance of the present and the hopes of a better future is bridged with the Soul Folk vocals of Annie Keating, She counts to four, pulling in spring with the warmth of “Growing Season”, lists blessings in “Lucky”, and marks minutes pleading “Time Come Help Me Forget” on a rock’n’roll jangle.

New York City-based Annie Keating took her first big steps into a career when BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris heard something in her songs. His presentation of Annie and her music on his program in 2008 and 2011 gave her a stronghold and immediate fan base in the U.K, Netherlands, Scotland, and Canada. Once Annie ignited the spark for Trick Star, she dove into the stories, finding that ‘making this album challenged me and change me. It was about being raised up, torn down, and finding the way back home. The songs involve a kind of reckoning and duality. Believing in love but doubting its truths’. Trick Star maneuvers around the curves as Annie Keating admits to being a “Fool for You” on a slow Country roll, hangs on over the train track flapping beat of “Phoenix”, and glows in the unabashed sunshine bounce of “You Bring the Sun”.

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