Tomato Tomato (from the album I Go Where You Go) - Tomato Tomato serve up Bluegrass from Canada’s Atlantic coast on their recent release,I Go Where You Go. The album celebrates an anniversary as Tomato Tomato scribe the decades long love affair of Al and Ida in “The Best We'll Ever Know”, strum a sharp-edged lullaby with “Back to Eden”, lend a helping hand with the advice of “Everything You Need”, and let a patter of percussion rise up to bake up “Lemon Pie”. The band is led by husband and wife duo John and Lisa McLaggan, who center the band surrounded by top notch Canadian Bluegrass players. I Go Where You Go shakes the dust off traditional string band work as Tomato Tomato pick and pluck with an infectious energy, tapping out notes as they search for “Peg Leg Joe”, lift up the beat with the fast footwork of a white collar life in “Running Like Hell”, buzz and hum along with the rails in a train station getaway tale in “Ain’t Dead Yet”. The band tell secrets with the bathtub jazz of “Steal Ya”, and never stop for a breath on a double time rhythm chase through “Rabbit in a Log”. Tenderness slows the pace as Tomato Tomato use memories to miss someone special in “I Never Knew Her Name”.

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