Marley’s Ghost (from the album The Woodstock Sessions) - Marley’s Ghost spiritually travel across an American musical landscape with visits to the past and present in The Woodstock Sessions. Following in the traditions of specters from a Woodstock, New York past, The Band, Marley’s Ghost fly the banners of many musical genres. The players (Dan Wheetman, Jon Wilcox, Mike Phelan, Ed Littlefield Jr. and Jerry Fletcher) put harmony over their multiple instrument attack.  The Woodstock Sessions visits the top of old smoky on a sea shanty reel in “The Unconstant Lover”, paints with Folk Country Blues to darken “In the Pines”, fires of Barn Dance Bluegrass to step to “Uncle Joe”, and brings the Marley’s Ghost family into songs from The Stanley Brothers (“Stone Walls and Steel Bars”) and The Delmore Brothers (“Field Hand Man”).

Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan) sits in the producer seat for The Woodstock Sessions, backing with acoustic, electric, 12-string and resonator guitars on the album. He joins in a co-write with the group’s Dan Wheetman on the quietly passionate reveries in “Oh Sweet Wind”.  Traditional tunes are put in the hands of Marley’s Ghost as they high step to take a swing at “Louisville Burglar”, bounce as a jazzy percussion rumbles under “Alabama John Cherokee”, firmly stride along roads far from home with “Blind Fiddler”, and saunters with Country Blues alongside “Prodigal Son”. The Woodstock Sessions waves and swoops over “Storms Are on the Ocean” as the voices of Marley’s Ghost come together to inspire with Gospel Rock, encouraging to “Run on for a Long Time”.  

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