Jonah Tolchin (from the album Thousand Mile Night) - Singing from experience for many musicians becomes taking pages from their tour diaries and putting the words to music. That is the backdrop for the songs on Thousand Mile Night ,the recent Yep Roc Records release from Jonah Tolchin. Produced by Jonah and Marvin Etzioni (solo, Lone Justice), Thousand Mile Night travels along roads that lead from show to show, with Jonah citing that ‘these songs come from the joy, pain, and everything in-between that emerge from this way of life’. The album opens with grace as Jonah Tolchin suggests that it is our own eyes that see “Beauty of the Ugliest of Days”. His voice rises up amid rhythmic echoes wondering “Where the Hell are All My Friends”, and rests within a percussive Folk ramble as loneliness finds itself in Memphis in a “Song About Home”.

Soul and Roots are the musical backdrop for Thousand Mile Night, recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Late night ghosts flicker and fly by in the rhythms of the title track as the story moves from ‘Mobile to Michigan’. A Blues guitar teases and taunts as Jonah Tolchin sings of  “Working Man’s Blues” and whispers over gently rolling rhythms in “Paint My Love” as he rides a Western range of strums and drumbeats for “I Wonder”, and drifts over finger-plucked acoustic Blues in “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues”. Southern Soul and Sunday morning salvation comes together as Jonah Tolchin creates a one-world religion with a simple sermon in “Unless You Got Faith”.

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