Libby Koch (from the album Just Move On) - Libby Koch opened the pages of family history with her last release (Tennessee Colony) and reads sad love letters as tackles Country music traditions with her recent release, Just Move On. Libby uses her pen to describe the downturns, side-steps, pitfalls, and hurdles of the heart as she sings of crying and leaving times with Just Move On. She thanks the exiting lover on the title track as her path becomes clearer with every heartache while she still holds on to hopes that good love will conquer bad decisions. Libby Koch raises a glass, or a few dozen bottles, as she toasts to the empty chair across her kitchen table in “Wish You Were Here”, whispers a gamblers prayer to “Lady Luck” on soft picking and hushed fiddle sways, and slowly spins around a honky tonk floor as packs up boxes to re-arrange her own freedom with “Out of My Misery”.

Libby Koch puts flesh on the bones lying by the road that leads away from love as she helps broken hearts beat a little stronger in her tales. Just Move On opens the door, stepping out alone into the unknown with its head held high so that the light of a new day dries a face full of tears. Her words embrace the hard-to-believe promise of new love with a Tex-Mex backing in “Don’t Know How” as she bets big on her own heart in “Chance on Me”, and carves a line in the sand with the tough-edged rhythm of “Tell Me No Lies”. Libby Koch traded the security of an eighty hour a week law job in Houston for an hour pleading the cases of her characters on stages in 2013. She recorded Just Move On over two days with producer Bill VornDick behind the board. The album’s exits include a highway “Back to Houston” as Libby Koch leaves Tennessee fueled by sound track of Classic Country while she stands tall as she cuts love off at the knees in “Bring You Down”, and counts the years in the mirror admitting “I've Been Blind”. 

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