Herrick  (from the album Cottonfields) - Herrick is a Nashville, Tennessee-based four-piece. The band put Rock on the front burner, turning up the heat on Cottonfields, their latest, and second, album release, and staking out their own territory in Music City by veering away from the expectations. The band torches their cover of the Lead Belly tune “Cottonfields”, cutting a path for the title track that marks its ground with rock hard crop circles. The band raised their own bar for Cottonfields, stacking the songs onto the album with separate topics and themes that come together to paint a bigger picture. Lead vocalist Donna Herrick produced the album alongside husband/bass man Kerry Herrick, and David Walker. Donna hears Cottonfields as ‘ it’s roots music, a powerful type of folk literature. Woven into the song are themes of empowerment, freedom, spirituality, the importance of preserving traditions and cultures. The new album Cottonfields, like the title track, is authentic American music. It’s just like authentic America. It is an intricate mix of primitive music that was brought here by immigrants, wanderers and slaves and was blended into a joyful language that changed the way the world thinks about music’.

Herrick opens Cottonfields on its title track as the album veers west (“In California”) as the band hear a siren call for their hearts (“Freedom Love”), strut on a ragged rhythm (“Uh Oh”), reminisce romance (“Your Love”), tap out a upright piano opening (“Together”), and pound out a banjo-led beat (“Hurt Like Heat”). Herrick wear their Rock “Like a Disease”, unable to shake the fever as they draw a line through love with “Said and Done” and slowly roll “Life in a Song” across Cottonfields.

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