Western Centuries (from the album Weight of the World on Free Dirt Records) - Western Centuries began under the name Country Hammer as a back-up band for Cahalen Morrison on his solo projects. They become a core trio of Cahalen (acoustic and electric guitar, drums), Jim Miller (acoustic and electric guitar, vocals), and Ethan Lawson (drums, guitar, vocals) as Western Centuries. Weight of the World follows the band into western sounds as the Seattle Country band sifts through the ashes of love to find “Philosophers and Fools”, slow dances a memory in “Off the Shelf, makes a bet on a fast one with “Double or Nothing”, and struts closer to the flame wondering “What Will They Say About Us Now“.

Smart, well-told stories get a honky tonk backdrop for Weight of the World. Western Centuries puts the dusky vocals of Cahalen Morrison over the slow trudge of rhythm that leads to a tomorrow of “Sadder Days”, gets caught in a slow shuffle moment in “The Old You”, and watches love come back again to a heart that reads closed on “Hallucinations”.  Guitar strums begin Weight of the World with its title track confidently walking into the album. Western Centuries mark miles of bad weather with a sad country tune in “Knocking 'Em Down” and put twang on a rock’n’roll rhythm with “Rock Salt”.

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