Cave States (from the album True Life) - An understanding of music as a business, and a couple of decades playing in a band has given Chris Grabau, Danny Kathriner, and Todd Schnitzer a vision for Cave States. The trio formed the group as a collaboration of songwriters, bonding and branding under a nickname for the Missouri (St. Louis) base. True Life. Their latest release, is the beneficiary of the coming together of songs as the sound track gives the stories backing from Folk and Americana. The sound of Cave States backs the tracks with the audio version of the wide open spaces and endless sky of the landscape around them as True Life wants love to stay the way it looks today with “Changing on Me”, puts a beat to the requests in “No Words”, and quietly uses the instrumental title track to exit the album.

Folk Rock mixes dreamy Americana as Cave States blend harmony to catch as seat beside pedal steel guitar riffs in “Commuter”, gently lets notes fall like leaves as the melody builds and climbs in “Mountain”, and tenderly bids goodbye to winter on bubbling notes to spin “Lazy Susan”. Cave States offer a cover tune with Badfinger’s “Take It All” and slowly stack a rhythm of jazz guitar chording, twinkling piano notes, a tambourine tap, and ethereal baa-baa-bah’s as a ladder up to “Kingdom Come”.  

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