Al Scorch  (from the album Circle Round the Signs on Bloodshot Records) - Rumor has it the reformed are the most fervent believers, pounding the message as soon as morning feet hit the floor each day. Al Scorch has that fire in his songs though he is no convert. Al is a native son of Chicago, heir to Studs Terkel, Upton Sinclair, and the anarchists in Bughouse Square. Circle Round the Signs is the latest release from Al Scorch, coming out on hometown Alt Country godfathers, Bloodshot Records. Al Scorch is the type of true believer born to hold a guitar. His banners fly on audio waves, his banjo, guitar, accordion, bass, and drums set to punk rock standards, cramming the songs into bursts of glory.

The voice of Al Scorch has a lot Soul, allowing the words to drive slowly over the frenetic highway of rhythms that rush past the exits called out in “Pennsylvania Turnpike” as “Want One” hands over flying fingers that ‘shake, rattle, and roll’ while “Slipnot” tightly winds, and “Everybody Out” dumps the hooch as the excise man makes his way through the front door. Al Scorch preaches with a force that plows through the briars without a scratch as it skims stones over gentle waves with “City Lullaby”, and swims the strong current that threatens to cross borders while “Lost at Sea”. Circle Round the Signs staggers chords walking the long hours of “Insomnia” and watches everyone get picked for the “Poverty Draft”.

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