Andre Williams (from the album I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City on Bloodshot Records) - Andre Williams gives back to a city that his given to him with his Bloodshot Records release, I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City. The title track spins on a tape reel to open the album, becoming a rubbery rhythm that rides underneath Andre Williams’ psychedelic trance Soul. The tune sets the tone for the album as I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City serves up a chopped beat asking “What Now?” as Andre Williams speaks his Blues over snaking strums and a marching snare on “Hall of Fame”, and plugs into guitar electricity to light up with pride on “Detroit (I'm So Glad I Stayed)”.

Andre Williams arrived in Detroit in the 1950’s, entering recording with a doo-wop group before being hired by Berry Gordy for a start-up Motown Records. Andre’s hiring’s and firing’s from Motown were put on a repeat cycle. At Motown, Andre Williams produced Stevie Wonder, Mary Wells, The Contours going on to write songs for Ike and Tina Turner, Parliament, and Edwin Starr. Dennis Coffey of Motown house band, the Funk Brothers helps out on I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City with Jim White and Cat Power lending hands on the Country roll on “Mississippi Sue”. Acoustic Blues guides the kiss off of “I Don’t like You No More” as guitars duel like light sabers marking “Times” while Andre Williams whispers deep secrets as the beat lightly steps into “Meet Me at the Graveyard”.

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