Roosevelt Dime (from the album Red Shoes) - Roosevelt Dime go back to the coin minted in 1946 for a band name, bringing some of the eras sound back with them in their rhythms, putting the sounds together with the group’s ability to merge Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, and Juke Joint Rhythm and Blues. Red Shoes is the latest E.P. release from the Brooklyn, New York-based band. Roosevelt Dime were born as buskers, fine-tuning the sound of the group to grow with the stages they ascended as Roosevelt Dime took the show on the road. Red Shoes combines originals and covers, like the banjo boogie riffs and a persistent beat on Tom Petty’s “American Girl”.

Roosevelt Dime dances “Red Shoes” on a skittering rhythm as the title track opens the album with an offer to lose the Blues. “Wealth Addict” coughs and sputters a beat as Roosevelt Dime head out to find the good life, as “Funky Monks” (Red Hot Chili Peppers) bounce on a Bourbon Street strut while “Pass It On” (Bob Marley and the Wailers) hitches its gospel groove to a second line bump.

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