Moreland and Arbuckle (from the album Promised Land or Bust on Alligator Records) - Moreland and Arbuckle flex muscles with their music. The trio makes their Alligator Records debut with Promised Land or Bust, the album arriving on the tail of six releases since they formed as an acoustic duo in 2001. Aaron Moreland (guitar) and Dustin Arbuckle (vocals/harmonica) met at a Wichita, Kansas open mic night, bonding on the Blues. Drummer Kendall Newby completes the line-up, backing the band’s take on Delta and Hill Country Blue beats. Promised Land or Bust learns from Moreland and Arbuckle history while giving further attention to the craft of the Blues by honoring traditions. Aaron Moreland states of the clear intention of the band for their Alligator Records debut, sharing that ‘“The new album is consciously traditional but still has the signature drive and power that we have crafted over the past thirteen years’.

A feral force has helped Moreland and Arbuckle climb the rungs of the Blues ladder, the band dubbing their music ‘gritty Blues and Roots Rock from the Heartland’. The simplicity of the overview fits the raw power of the group, and stands behind the music on Promised Land or Bust. Guitar gymnastics fill every space until the roar is all-encompassing, covering “Hannah” like the dirt blanketing her long sleep. Promised Land or Bust packs tunes from the band alongside the Blues of other players, including a boiling take on Slim Harpo’s “I’m a King Bee”. Moreland and Arbuckle kick a fine layer of Hill Country dust off “Take Me with You (When You Go)” to open the album, and stroll down “Waco Avenue” on a Blue Americana echo. The drums pick up speed to match the electric guitar riffs that duel throughout the course of “Long Did I Hide It” as a pounding crunch cradles the harmonica punching its way into “Woman Down in Arkansas” while ”Why'd She Have to Go (and Let Me Down)” exits Promised Land or Bust with Moreland and Arbuckle listing the wrongs they have been dealt.

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