Hot Buttered Rum  (from the album The Kite and The Key) - San Francisco, CA-based string band, Hot Buttered Rum, came up with the concept of playing live while the then high school and college friends were backpacking in the High Sierras. HBR sing their story in “Music’s Been Good to Me” on their recent release, The Kite and The Key. The tune is a bio and way of life using ‘get on up’ as a mantra. Hot Buttered Rum planned their party as a touring band with a menu of up good times by way of reckless abandon for live performances. The Kite and The Key is a gathering point for three E.P. releases from Hot Buttered Rum. The numbered volumes had separate starting points with the studio tracks of The Kite and the Key, Pt. 1, the Stanley Brothers retrospective on The Kite and The Key, Pt. 2, and the late night jams of The Kite and the Key, Pt. 3

Three albums, and three producers, are included on the full version of The Kite and The Key as Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone helms the darker tales of the first E.P. while Hot Buttered Rum look for a little more light in “Weary Ways”, saddle up for a slow sway in “First Rodeo”, and put a band together with two hearts in “You Be the Fiddle”. Sally Van Meter sits in the producers chair for Volume Two as the band tribute the Stanley Brothers with “Pig in a Pen”, “How Mountain Girls Can Love”, and “Red Wicked Wine”. A late night jam echoes the beginnings of Hot Buttered Rum around the campfire as producer Kyle Hollingsworth of String Cheese Incident captures the band’s music on Volume Three as they visit “Cherry Lake” and count “Middle Country Stars”.

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