Jimbo Mathus (from the album Band of Storms) - Jimbo Mathus offers clues on his recent release, Band of Storms. The theme for the recording is buried in the Erika Jane Amerika’s cover art featuring an over-the-edge Jimbo hanging out near a cypress swamp. The Epiphone guitar he is clutching has been hit by lightning while in his other hand is a bible-on-fire. Overhead circles a lightning-fueled touring van as an alligator, his Catahoula dog, and snake-handling Yemaya (the great mother of the Santeria religion) gather at his feet. Still not seeing the theme clearly? Jimbo Mathus desribes the artwork on the cover, and the songs he was writing, as ‘it’s dealing with nature, forces beyond us, and trying to sum it up in my little cave paintings that we call recorded songs’.

Band of Storms is a nine-song E.P. recorded at Dial Back Sound, the studio owned by Fat Possum partner Bruce Watson. The album opens story used to frighten children into doing right with Jimbo Mathus putting the message on a Stones-ish strut in “Gringo Man”. Band of Storms decides to go full throttle, consequences be damned, as it follows a train track beat into the challenges tossed out in “Let's Play with Fire” as Jimbo tacks sssss’s on the end of yes to give hints of a demonic lead character telling the tale. Guitars rattle like chains proclaiming “Massive Confusion” as “Wayward Wind” sets sail with a seaworthy sway to its roll, “Slow Down Sun” grips the last rays of the day with white-knuckled fists edgy from the slo-mo pace of the rhythm, and “Keep It Together” moves on a determined footfalls and echoed harmonies. Jimbo Mathus heads down the mighty Mississippi on a second line groove, looking for love on a boogie-woogie slick stroll as Jimbo confesses that he “Can't Get Much Higher”.  

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