Mudcrutch (from the album 2 on Reprise Records) - Tom Petty has always had a carefully curated knack for natural Roots in his songs, whether from in breakout beginnings with The Heartbreakers, his garage band with buddies Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, and Roy Orbison in The Traveling Wilburys, or solo work. The rock’n’roll has never left anything that Tom Petty has touched, his heart the quarter on the record arm to make sure the sound stays smooth with few skips to studio beats. Mudcrutch was the band that took Tom Petty from a Gainesville, Florida local band to a Los Angeles record deal with Asylum Records. Multiple recording dates with Leon Russell gave the band only one single before the label went bust, followed soon behind by Mudcrutch as Tom took band members Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench to form The Heartbearkers. Mudcrutch re-formed with original line-up in 2007.

For their 2008 debut, Mudcrutch self-titled an album that stuck to the band’s sonic imprint of Southern and Country Rock 1970 standards. The recently released follow-up, 2, steps into a band sound circa 2016. The album ages the recorded output of Mudcrutch with a freshness of guitar distortion and Farfisa organ bubbles in “Hope” as freckled guitar notes spread across emptiness in “I Forgive It All”, and a jangly kiss-off and got-your-back harmony climb into “Save Your Water”. Mudcrutch serve a double-dose of beauty riding airy streams of Americana up into “Beautiful Blue” while Kings of Leon-era Southern Rock jabs at life on “Beautiful World”.  The band strides with confidence as they musically lock into all the right moves that got them attention in their first incarnation. They open the doors of 2 with a love story packed tightly with memories in “Trailer”. Mudcrutch get over “The Other Side of the Mountain” as a shotgun wedding with band mixes mountain music and rock’n’roll rhythms. Mudcrutch drift a melody, casting it into the strong beat breeze blowing through the tough times of “Hungry No More”, and shift to rockabilly to rip up the red carpet leading to “Welcome to Hell”.

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