The Two Tracks (from the album The Two Tracks) - Years of songwriting found a home on the self-titled debut of The Two Tracks. Putting together their brand of Americana in Sheridan, Wyoming The Two Tracks record rural warmth into the album as the four-piece, infusing their tunes with a feel for the open spaces of The West. The songs on The Two Tracks are from vocalist/guitarist Julie Szewc. Her words find backing from western breeze rhythms as “Railroading” waits for love’s return, on Folk rambles as “Going Somewhere” reminisces of mountain roads, stepping across percussive patters that take flight on cello strums with “Bird Eye’s View”, and picking up the pace on a stuttered beat as she chases love with “Faded Lovers”.

The Two Tracks back Julie’s guitar with upright bass (Russell Smith) and drums (Fernando Serna), keeping the rhythm subtle yet solid as David Huebner give the tunes texture with cello and vocals. The Two Tracks sings a “Song for a Friend” on somber strums as it opens on a quick pace passing the lonely face sitting in the window waiting for love to come home with “Into the Grey”. Guitar notes pick at “Old Victrola” as it spins a favorite song as The Two Tracks rattle through a western landscape sending out a soft shout for “Wild Wyoming” and set a purposeful stride for “Wayfaring Stranger” as the traditional track makes its journey home.

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