Beth Lee and the Break-Ups (from the album Keep Your Mouth Shut) - Beth Lee bites bullets on Keep Your Mouth Shut, firing a tease with teeth into the album. Her pen is dipped in done-wrong ink as The Breakups back tales of treachery with rock’n’rolling Country. Beth Lee manages to be both worldly and wide-eyed in her characters. She is a lightning rod for the faithless as “Beautiful Losers” sends out its kudos to ‘beaten down bums and restless drug users’ as Beth Lee makes the bottom look pretty good. She holds hands with heartbreak on Keep Your Mouth Shut as honky tonk guitars wiggle around like snakes in a jar on “Right Back” while love does not stick to the story line of “Baby, It’s Alright”, and wakes up to an empty bed in “Only a Dream”.

Beth Lee is a seductress with a snarl as she draws love into her flame far enough to leave a mark as she steps on the heart trailing her around, squashing any hints of something happening in “You Don't Get Me High”. Beth Lee and the Breakups play punk rock for the prairies and open range, honky tonk rock’n’roll made for dance floors and drinking. Train track beats signal “Belleville County Line” as it rattles by while ”Thick of It” inhabits a CCR-rhythm and the title track slows to a desert dry shuffle warning on a whisper to “Keep Your Mouth Shut”.

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